BakFlip FiberMaX vs G2

The tri-fold tonneau covers, Fibermax and G2 are almost similar in structure. Both fit within the bed rails and have very low profiles with dual latches. The warranty duration and weight capacities are also equivalent for both.

G2 is a folding truck tonneau cover made of aircraft-grade aluminum panels. However, it is gloss-black powder coated which enhances its outlook. When folded up, it doesn’t block most third-brake lights and installs flush with your truck bed. No matter the cover’s position, you still have access to the complete bed. The integrated rail channels and EPDM rubber sealing on this cover are intended to keep out the rain water. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and a warranty of 2 years.

Three FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polymer) panels make up the Fibermax, which is intended to be lightweight and highly resilient to scratches and dents. An aluminum core provides additional durability. Since these panels are flush with the bed, the tonneau cover has a profile that is as low as possible. Additionally, it has the customary matte-black surface offered by BAKFlip. Although it is somewhat less expensive, the FRP endures at least 300 lbs of surface load and provides a warranty of 2 years.  

G2, in comparison with Bakflip Fibermax, stands victorious. It offers dent and scrap resistant all-aluminum construction, which is stronger to breaking or fracturing from impact. Also, it is preferred by most of the users due to its lesser price.

Quick Contrasting Table

CompositionAluminiumAluminium / FRP
OutlookPowder coated aluminiumGloss-Black
InstallationBolt-on / Drill-freeBolt-on / Drill-free
Compared Size6’7”6’7”
Weight Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Bed AccessFullFull
ResistanceDent, Scratch and UV ResistantDent, Scratch and UV Resistant
WarrantyLimited 2-YearLimited 2-Year
Cost$879 – $1,069$989 – $1,079


The G2 is a superb example of engineering and design on its own. The G2’s top layer consists of sturdy aluminum and is designed to look like many different surfaces on your truck. A low-profile installation grants an aerodynamic look to your truck, while EPDM rubber seals prevent leaks between each single cover panel during a downpour. Rain is supposed to be kept out by the integrated rail channels and EPDM rubber seal on the lid. All panels are made of aluminum so that they can last longer.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer is used to create the Fibermax truck bed cover. Its FRP cover top is solid and lightweight, protecting against dents and scratches, while the aluminum base layer offers reliable structure and support. The cover has a neat, plain look. Its exterior might be polished, chromed, or painted. Since FRP is a component of its design, it is relatively thicker. Rubber seals keep the rain out, and a cutting-edge hitch-and-latch system offers excellent security and weather resistance for your goods.

TextureLow-Profile Powder coated aluminiumLow-Profile Gloss-Black
ExteriorPolished / Chrome / PaintedPolished / Chrome /   Painted
Dimensions (L x W x H)50” x 23” x 9”50” x 23”x 9”
Weight (lbs)5050

Because all of G2’s components are powder-coated aluminum for a much more efficient and appealing design, it looks better than its counterpart from the outside.


G2 is comprised of panels of aircraft-grade aluminum. Instead of the typical matte-black finishing, it offers powder-coated aluminum panels. Its panels are insulated and provide a rich, luxurious appearance with a gloss-black powder finish. It is more lasting since all of its components are made of aluminum. It offers integrated drainage system rails and EPDM seals.

The Fibermax is made of three FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polymer) panels and is designed to be exceptionally lightweight and resistant to dents and scratches. It features the typical BAKFlip matte-black surface. Moreover, it offers the same EPDM seals and integrated drainage system rails. Its panels are insulated which offers additional resilience.

Material UsedDurable AluminiumFRP with little Aluminium
FinishingAluminium Powder Coated  Mette-Black

G2 is considerably more durable to wear and tear because of its aluminum powder composition. Additionally, its finishing gives it more sturdiness and longevity.


G2 can be folded against the cab providing instant access to the whole bed without uninstalling the cover. The cab is impact-proof due to rubber bumpers. Water is gathered and directed by the rails towards the front of the bed, where a drainage tube is used to empty it. EPDM seals that are remarkably resilient to the conditions provide a tight seal with the bed rails. The truck bed is kept dry and free of dirt because of the round design of the hinges. As the cover shuts, each panel immediately locks to the attachment rails. With a simple cable pull, latches are turned off.

When you need to transport oversized goods, you can open up Fibermax. It can also be folded against the cab. It can be secured at partially opened positions while driving. The FiberMax rails include an integrated drainage system that channels water off the cover and out from your bed. Each panel automatically locks when folded up against the cab due to its automated latching technology. Additionally, it contains strut rods and buckle straps that hold the panels in folded positions. When the tailgate is shut, it cannot be shuttered because of an aluminum locking device.

Operating StyleFoldableFoldable
Number of Folds OfferedThreeThree
Remote PoweringNoNo
Latching SystemAluminiumAluminium
Tailgate SealDual sealFlap

Both the Fibermax and G2 Tonneau Covers work almost equally well. Considering that they stand equal in this section.

Durability and Resistance 

  • Drainage System

G2 is provided with water-resistant hooks and seals made up of EPDM rubber which prevents the water from seeping into the bed. Its rails have coherent channels which direct the water towards the inner drain tubes but if this cover is not installed properly the water cannot be resisted from trickling into the truck bed.

Fibermax, on the other hand, is also provided with weather-protective hinges and seals of EPDM rubber. It is equipped with highly enhanced water drainage side rails which are comparatively better in propelling water towards the drain tube which funnels it out of the truck bed.

  • Dent and Scrap Resistance

Because the G2 is entirely comprised of aluminum instead of half aluminum and other materials, its industrial-grade construction is noticeably more vital than its competitor in this case.

Fibermax is made of aluminum, combined with somewhat weaker plastic and fiberglass. Furthermore, however effective at avoiding dents and scratches, its gloss finishing falls short of its competition in this area.

  • UV Resistance 

The G2 offers an insulating aluminum construction which is powder coated. However, its surface is not as resistant as that of its adversary to sharp radiations but still has a stunning appearance and is UV-resistant up to some extent.

Standard UV protection is provided by the high-quality fiberglass-reinforced polymer used in the Fibermax. The cover is ready to direct the way in offering UV radiation protection due to the FRP coating. So, it is ahead of its rival here.



  • Offers a sturdier construction and better design.
  • Is more protective against dents and scratches. 
  • Is cost-friendly.


  • Provides better results in rainfall.
  • Is better protected against UV rays.