Gator EFX vs BAKFlip Fibermax

If you are in the market looking for a new cover, both of these hard covers would come across a lot, as they are very famous, but how do they hold up? Are they good enough? And if so, which out of them here is better?

On first look, both these covers look very similar and you can not really differentiate between them from a distance. But there are some things you should know, that would make your buying decisions easier.

So lets get to it, starting with their outlook/overview.

Design of these covers:

With its mounting rails covered in the bed caps, the Gator EFX shows a very nice design. It sits flushed and has a sleek outlook to it much like its competitor here.

Its one of the cheapest cover out there with such premium looks.

Note: If budget is not an issue, go for the best possible cover out there for your needs. As these covers pay you back with their aerodynamic design, allowing you to save gas money.

The cover comes with EPDM rubber seals that are watertight (to some extent) and drain tubes that you have to install (mostly with drilling).

Also the coating on it aircraft-grade aluminum panels provides the cover with semi glossy looks which is also for protection as you’ll see below, (the coat finish of the cover has additional benefits besides looks which you’ll see below).

You can’t open this tonneau all the way (like you can in other with prop rods/stuts). So if you need more of your bed space, you have to remove the cover. And its no big deal, as they made the removal process very easier. I’d worry about storing the cover more than removing it.

On the other side, the BAKflip Fibermax may seem same but shows a slightly higher quality that lasts longer.

It is very durable and can withstand even the harshest scratches and dents without damaging its exterior finish!

It provides you with fiber glass polymer, which is mostly referred to as FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polymer) coating, and this textured surface gives off an elegant look in your truck bed while also providing extra protection against outside elements like dirt or moisture since they cannot easily penetrate this material’s tough skin.

(Gator EFX on the other side has powder coated black finish).

Both covers are equipped with EPDM seals and drain tubes (which you need to install).

Some of the design cons/features I miss in them:

  • Both covers are not covered from inside. So they would not be able to dampen the rattle noise of your trucks cargo. Inside carpeting also protects the covers form scratches and they dont look bad when you drive them open, but here it only applies to Fibermax, as you can’t drive fully open with EFX).
  • They also lack in providing you with LED lights. I cant tell you how many times, I had to come back to my seat to pick up my cellphone and use it as a torch. (As I wasn’t able to see anything in the dark back there).
  • And yes you have to drill holes for the cover’s drain tubes installation. And I feel these must have been a drill free solution here.

The Gator ETX can not be folded above 1/3rd position and it has to be removed if you need full bed. And the Fibermax does up all the way but it blocks the rear view (without blocking 3rd middle brake light). Now its good and can be bad.

Bad because it blocks the rear view and its kind of a safety concern. But then again its good if you are driving with heavy cargo and it slips towards you like on an incline…it wont damage your truck and the cover would take the impact.

I think its better to have Fibermax here, as you don’t have to remove them, they don’t cover 3rd brake light and they protect you from heavy cargo. You can lean heavy cargo with those panels as well, as they have bumpers behind which rest on the truck.

Fibermax also give you automatic latching system unlike the Gator here.

Other than all this both of them are great. They both have dual tail gate action latches, where you can close the cover on the closed tail gate (many don’t offer this).

Protection Comparison – Which Is Better?

Both of these covers cover coexists with the bed rails for a constant and weather-resistant seal. And they provide very similar protection mechanism.

Here the Bakflip FiberMax offers you with flush hinges (between each plate). They are plain and does not all water to get pooled on them and leak inside.

Overall, it tough core panels provide you with greater protection in comparison (especially when it comes to water leakage). Where it has more efficient EPDM rubber seals that run along the rails and across the hinges.

The cover has basically 2 robust seals, one out and one inside (both parallel to rails). Between these seal, there a integrated channel that goes to the drain tube (just in case water does leak from the first EPDM rubber seals, it stars accumulating in the rails rather than going inside your truck. While the supported drain tubes expel the excess accumulated water (in the rails) out of the truck bed.

In case of the Gator EFX, the lateral seals between the panels are not so great. And the area where the cover meets the tail gate is very prone to leakage.

So all in all, you can say this cover keeps about 70% of the water out while the other can do 85%.

Also, no cover can provide you with 100% water leakage resistance, (if you find any do let me know). So its wise not to put any rain/water sensitive cargo in the back of your truck.

Other than this, both cover provide you with FRP coating and it helps against UV rays and are heat resistant. So in summers these panels are less heated and things underneath also stays comparatively cooler.

Other than this, both covers can endure the same weight capacity of 300 lbs on the paper. But still, the FiberMax feels slightly more sturdy.

Working of these covers?

Both of these covers can be installed easily and quickly. They comes with bed rails with draining system and 3 clamp system and hard panels with easy installation (where you have to drill holes for drain tubes).

And in terms of working, for both covers, you simply have to unlock the tailgate to uncover your truck bed (as there is no lock on them, and without opening tail gate you can access your bed).

Both covers can be be locked at 2/3rd partially open position (with the help of buckles/straps and you can safely drive your truck with partially (or fully open in case of Fibermax, with prop rods, without blocking 3rd brake light).

FiberMax has overall better working/performance, as these covers provide you great automatic latching system that close automatically as you close your panels.

So What’s the Verdict?

Coming in at about a grand, Fibermax is at the higher price end (when it comes to hard trifolds) , but the cover I believe really justifies its price tag with its premium design which ensures a great deal of security and protection.

On the other side, the Gator EFX with few hundred bucks cheaper is also a great pick here given how its mechanism is so similar to Fibermax with same weight bearing capacity and coated aluminum panels.