BAKFlip F1 vs Gator FX

Both these tri folding covers look very alike but there are some key differences to note here.

When it comes to BAKFlip F1, this guy is quite famous, and sure, it makes sense, why? Its a nice premium cover with a strong high-grade aluminum which is further coated with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) and textured black powder which grants its excellent strength and stability.

On the other side, the Gator FX undergoes a tough aluminum construction with a black powder coat finishing, in a similar manner.

Let’s check out both of these bad boys…

Let’s check out their designs:

When it comes to BakFlip F1 tonneau covers, they are simply the best way to make your truck look fresh and cool while giving it a great deal of protection.

They panels offer a sleek, low-profile design that will complement any style. (They sit only about half inch on the bed).

Other than this its opening/closing is fairly easy and there’s a pull release cable underneath (each panel) when you open the tail gate.

It can be locked at the 3rd position with a buckle strap, or can be opened all the way (strat bar with prop rods) where it has d shaped rubber bumpers at the back protecting the truck. (Also helps in shifting cargo that can damage your truck).

Other than this, there is a tool box (but you can still use entire bed) and there’s EPDM seal (to install on rails) and 3 fin seal (under the cover) with a drain tubes.

Each panel has a rubber bumper underneath so you won’t damage the cover while opening the cover in each position, (but do note that with time they do get damaged and then they further damage the cover).

On the flip side, when it comes to Gator FX, the overall design is almost alike.

These covers are also made up of low weighted aluminum metal with matte finishing. And the black powder is coated with an additional UV-resistant layer.

It also presents you with a fairly low-profile design which give a streamlined appearance.

And overall, the building material is also decent/durable and lightweight (I should add). It also comes with the draining tubes and EPDM rubber allow quick removal of water. And yes rubber hinges are available (on both these covers).

I should add this that…BAKFlip was the one to come up with the world’s first flush fit hard folding cover, and it offer you with 3 years warranty with its cover. And sure the design is great, the cover is great.. but what really sets this company apart form others is their customer service.

I’ve had problem with its cover hinges (in MX4) (it was a manufacturing issue) and I contacted them and they simply asked me to make a video of me drilling holes in the cover (in order to damage it, so it wont be sold else where), and I did that and what you know… they sent me a new one.

Lets check out their Durability:

So both covers are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum folding panels, giving it the strength to endure extreme conditions.

These sturdy panels are further coated with a polymer, (fiber reinforced polymer – FRP) coating. And this protects the cover further from UV rays and keep things cool underneath in summers.

Both have powder coating as well which ensures the longevity of the metal as it helps to protect the aluminum against any abrasions and scuffs.

These features contribute to the trouble-free use of the cover for a long time.

But still overall, the BAKflip F1 are made slightly more durable and that’s why they have the weight bearing capacity of 400 lbs compared to the Gator FX 300 lbs.

The seals of the BAKflip F1 are also more resistant to leakage under heavy rain. Mostly the front part of the Gator FX is more susceptible to leakage (the one closer to the driver).

But worth Noting: No cover provides you with 100% water leakage proof capability…so even with the BAKflip F1, there was leakage, but it was lesser.

Its safe to say, its better not to put rain/water sensitive cargo under there.

Ease of use:

The Gator FX can be easily installed in less than an hour with a clamp-on system on the mounting rails without any need for special tools or drilling.

The cover uses turn knob bolts that can be quickly tightened by hands.

The mounting rails of FX sit inside of the bead cap, so the cover mounts inside of bed rails and provides a low profile, it allows ⅔ bed access.

If you need to carry large items into your truck bed, the cover can be secured in its position with the help of storage straps that hold the cover, so you can safely drive down the road.

If you need to access the full bed, you will have to remove the cover. The removal takes no more than a few minutes.

On the other hand, the BAKFlip F1 cover is lightweight as well as easy to install.

Due to its lightweight, you can fold it easily and quickly.

The cover is movable. So, if you want to drag more loads, simply move the cover upward and lock it.

The installation is very easy. You just need a socket and wrench for it.

There is no need for drilling.

Also, the tailgate is provided with a two-action seal.

To close the tailgate, you do not need to open the panel.

So what’s the Verdict?

Bakflip does offer you a bit more protection and durability. And at the same time, they are also a bit more expensive as well. I guess eveything comes at a price rule really applies here…

I’d say go with BAKflip F1, if you can put a few hundred more bucks… I’m saying this, only because of their great customer service, otherwise, I like both of these covers.