BAKflip G2 vs Gator FX3

Both these tri-folding covers are great at giving you a good deal of security while providing you with total bed access and good mileage. (Their aerodynamic design allows the truck to have less air resistance). But which of these is still better?

On FX3 the fiberglass reinforced polymers provides protection against dents and scratches and also provides resistance against UV rays, while, aluminum provides toughness and structure to it.

On the other side, the polished smooth design and hard material give G2 cover a great advantage over other standard bed covers present in the market.

Both these covers can be folded completely, providing you full access to your truck bed allowing you to load heavier cargo.

Side By Side Comparison:

Both truck beds look very similar, and have the same operating mechanism.

The Gator FX3 has a glossy look and it comes from the coating. It sits flush with the truck despite having think water leakage seals.

Rubber bumpers are installed in it which prevents scraping and rubbing of panels.

It also features a pull string and locks with the tailgate seal. Other than this the cover is overall lighter.

Gator FX3
Gator FX3

On the other side, the BAKflip G2 is available in 3 sizes and comes only in 1 color/design. And weighs 10 pounds more but its also very sleek and sits flush with the truck.

It features a prop rod and buckle straps for partial and full bed access just like the Gator FX3.

Its panels are also gloss-black and matte-powder coated which gives it a glossy and a mat look at the same time.

Both of the covers, when opened full way, although block the rear view window, they do not cover the 3rd brake light (when supported by the strut rods behind).

BAKflip g2

Both of these covers are missing the dual tail gate feature. So their covers can not be locked on a closed tail gate. And in order to close the cover properly, you have to open the tail gate, lock the cover and then close the tail gate on it.

Durability Comparison:

Gator FX3 is made out of rigid aluminum panels and they provide pretty good toughness to your truck.

These panels are reinforced with polymer coating which protects from dents, scuffs, UV rays, and the harshest elements, assuring years of trouble-free operation.

This dent and heat-resistant FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) can sustain years of use without fading or seeming roughened up.

It can hold up to 300 lbs of weight when evenly distributed and is warranted for 2 years.

Speaking of other, the Bakflip G2 is also manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminum with durable strong panels increasing its ability against different weather conditions and other damages.

These compact core and long-lasting panels can hold up a same weight bearing capacity of 300lbs of evenly dispersed weight.

Protection Comparison:

Bakflip G2 is very protective. And is designed to offer floor-to-ceiling weather protection for your truck.

It offers you with EPDM seals and (other seals that come underneath the panels), and drain tubes (that you have to install) and they protect against the rain in a better way when compared.

Other than this the coating on the panels is also water resistant. Also puncture/dent/scratch resistant against hailing. As its made out of heavy-duty polyester with an elastic band to secure it in place.

On the flip side, the Gator FX3 is also good enough here and provides great protection against weather, as it also utilizes EPDM seals with hinges that protect your stuff from different weather conditions.

It also has the same feature of integrated water drainage tube for water to channel through them.

The same kind of matte finishing design constructed from fiberglass reinforced polymer also plays the same role in protecting against heat.

But overall, the BAKFlip G2 cover is slightly better in terms of water leakage. But keep in mind that no cover is 100% waterproof. If you find any contact me.

Ease To Use:

The Bakflip G2 is straightforward to use.

You simply open the tail gate and unfold the panels by pulling the release cable underneath.

It can be opened in seconds. But since they are slightly heavier, the FX3 here would be easier to open and close, and they would be less of a workout in comparison.

But sure, you get to burn more calories (take care of your back though).

Both of these covers are also very easy to install and they provide drill free installation.

As you just have to fix and tighten the clamps on the side rails. The cover can be easily placed over the side rails where the panels can be piled over one another.

This cover offers 3 aluminum panels that can be unfolded from the tailgate up to the rear window.

Firstly, you have to unlock the tailgate to uncover your truck bed. Once the rearmost panel is unfolded the tailgate can be locked again. These panels can be piled only from the tailgate side towards the rear window.

In case of Gator FX3, it can be folded up to the rear cab step by step without any effort. The prop rod also provides secure grip safety to the panel cover while driving. But the installing time for both is less than 1 hour. It only needs a wrench and socket for fixing it on the truck bed.

To cover your truck bed again, the panels are folded towards the tailgate. If you want to drive with the partially covered truck bed you can secure the panels with the help of included straps.

So what’s the verdict?

As one expects from an aluminum tonneau cover, they provide good security and overall safety. So both of them are great here.

But overall, (although both have same weight bearing capacity rating), the BAKflip G2 is slightly more durable and water resistant compared to Gator FX3.

But the difference is very low. Just like their price.