Gator FX vs Gator FX3

Both of these are tri-fold covers look very similar, and show great durability… but still, is the Lomax Stance higher price here justified?

Gator FX3 is composed of tough aluminum slats with a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) coating. It undergoes a drill-free installation but lack key-lock security.

On the other side, the Gator FX undergoes a tough aluminum construction with a black powder coat finishing, in a similar manner.

Let’s check out both of these bad boys…

Overview (Which is worth your money?)

  • Gator FX gives you a slightly better design, but also weighs a little more as well.
  • Gator FX3 on the other side, although does not give as much UV protection, lats longer, and gives slightly superior sealing, overall.

Let’s start with Gator FX3, now this cover comes with nice flushed looking design.

But the cover is not made of 100% aluminum. It’s a composite material layered with aluminum alloy, that’s why this cover does not weigh too much, (only 50 lbs in a packed box).

The cover has a FRP finishing on top, which protects the cover from dust, scratches and UV rays.

It’s design allows you to have partial and complete bed access, where they can be secured using buckle straps and prop rods.

The cover comes with automatic slam latches and dual tail gate sealing, so you can close your cover despite the opened/closed position of the tail gate.

Other than this it is equipped with EPDM rubber seals and hinges for excellent water resistance. And has drain tubes that help directing water out of your truck bed.

So what are the main differences between both of them?

Well, firstly, the Gator FX, is not made of composite material. It’s total aluminum. And where in FX3 you get industrial grade, here in FX, you get aircraft grade material.

So the panels are little bit tougher here. But they also weigh a little more, a packed box of FX weighs 20 lbs more.

Also with FX, you are not going to get the same Fiberglass coating and as it has simple matte black finish, giving it a glossy/semi glossy look.

Other than this the cover does not give you dual tail gate action sealing, so you have to close your tail gate first in order to fully close the cover.

Both covers other than this are same in terms of design, you get buckle straps and prop rods for securing the cover in partially open position.

And you get EPDM rubber sealing and drain tubes with rubber hinges.

Other than this, both tonneau covers have same dimensions.

Physical PropertiesFXFX3
Size5 feet 8 inches5 feet 8 inches
Weight (lbs)74.850
Dimensions (L x W x H)68” x 12”x 6”68”x 12”x 6”

Protection & Durability:

In terms of durability, although both covers are marketed with the same weight bearing capacity (of 300 lbs), the Gator FX being made out of exclusive aluminum panels provide you with better durability.

The Gator Fx3 on the other side, like we saw in its design is made out of composite material (which is of industrial grade) and although they weigh less, they are also a little weaker in comparison.

But in terms of protection, the Gator FX3, with its fiberglass coating protects the cover from UV damage, which may cause cracking, chipping and fading with time. So in other words the coating gives this cover more life in comparison.

Other than this both covers provide you with similar EPDM sealing and drain tubes and they both are good at resisting water.

But the Gator FX3 is better overall. As the cover has dual tail gate sealing, it provides better water-tight area between the tail gate and the cover.

On the other side, the Gator FX, is more prone to leakage here, as it does not make the same sealing (so you also have close your tail gate first in order to lock the cover).

Working of these covers:

Both covers have similar working, besides dual tail gate feature of Gator FX3, both covers have same mechanism.

They provide you with pull string beneath panels and to open the cover you have to pull/tug on it. They are on either side of the panels so you can open the cover from both sides.

Both have same type of buckle straps to secure the cover in 2/3rd position, and similarly, both have same sort of prop rods for final secure position.

Note: Although all trifolds cover the whole rear of the truck, both these Gator boys here still do not cover the 3rd brake light.

Both covers have automatic latching system, which are firm enough. And both have same 2 years of warranty.

Why Gator FX provides Better value to money?

Well, both covers are great. But its clear that overall the Gator FX3 gives you a better value for your money.

The cover does not provide you with exclusive aluminum, but still it does have same weight bearing capability and the panels are very solid/durable.

And out of the two, it provides with better sealing and FRP coating which also provides better UV resistance.


Both tonneau covers undergo a drill-free installation. They can be installed in the same way by following some simple steps:

  1. First of all, fit the side rails on the inside of the truck bed.
  2. Fasten the clamps on both side rails at specific gaps.
  3. Install the drain tube and direct it towards the given hole opening outside the truck bed.
  4. Fix the prop rod at the given brackets on the side rail.
  5. Install a couple receiver on the panels.
  6. Place the piled panels over the side rails just behind the rear window.
  7. Fix the front end of this cover with the bed cap by using bolts or screws.
  8. Cover your truck bed by unfolding the panels towards the tailgate.