BAKFlip MX4 vs Gator FX

Both of these covers, being tri-folds are made solid. But still which out of them provides better protection to your truck?

Here the famous BAKflip MX4 allows your truck to have premium security with it’s durable panels.

And the Gator FX, is very similar to MX4, and provides almost similar features.

So what’s different about them? Well let’s find out.

Design Comparison

Gator FX
Gator FX

Covering your trucks since 1998, the Gator with its one of the latest covers, the “FX” brings a great look for your truck.

The cover is made of aluminum (all the way of aircraft grade). Note that some covers which are in a budget provide you with composite material instead of exclusive aluminum.

And with aircraft grade material they are light in weight and at the same time very durable.

And besides looks, the cover comes with (so it’s lightweight and durable). And its panels also have an extra layer of coating giving it semi glossy look besides adding to its toughness.

Its hinges and end caps are also coated with the same color and they also enhance the covers looks further.

The cover comes with a water draining system where it has 2 drain tubes including EPDM rubber seals.

But note that you may have to drill holes for the drain tubes (however, it depends from trucks to trucks).

The cover can be secured to 2/3rd position and to the last with the help of propping rods.

These prop rods actually simply rest on the panel and add a support so the panels don’t fall back down. The panels actually rest on the trucks cab with rear bumpers, so your cabin does not get damaged.

And with these bumpers you can also rest any heavy cargo on the panels, or even if any cargo falls your panels are going to take the impact.

Note: The cover which don’t provide prop rods takes up your 11 inches of truck bed’s space.

If we talk about design cons with the cover, there’s one, this cover loves dirt. It’s texture really allows dirt to settle in, so the cover is a little harder to clean.

If we look at the premium and famous Bakflip MX4, that started it all, the cover of course shows a little bit better overall quality of exclusive aluminum panels and they are coated with a more proper coating that further protects the cover, so you are also going to get more life with this cover.

The cover is a little bit expensive but it justifies it’s price tag checking all points for a great trifold cover.

The cover has top of the line FRP (FiberGlass coating as well), which provides great UV resistance.

So what’s the difference between these covers?

Well, the are 3 main difference here:

  • One, the Gator FX, does not provide you with dual tail gate closing system, where you can close your cover over the open tail gate and then close the tail gate after, on MX4, you can close the cover over closed tail gate.
  • Another, the Gator FX does not provide you with FRP which protects against the UV and increases the life of your cover, MX4, again has it and its very premium on it.
  • And 3rd, the the cover invites dirt to settle in, where again MX4 dont.
  • And although both covers have EPDM seals and draining system, the one on the MX4 is more efficient.

Protection Comparison – Which Is Better?

The MX4 is a little more durable as the cover provides you with 400 lbs of weight rating compared to Gator FX’s 300 lbs.

And although the covers provide you with almost identical draining system with drain tubes and rails, the BAKflip has better resistance to water leakage as it prove you with better sealing on the side of the tail gate, which is the most vulnerable part for Gator Fx leakage.

Also after some time, the lateral seals of Gator FX, may star to get loose. And you may see some leakage at that point as well.

Other than this both cover provide you with great overall durability and protection, and none would really disappointing you.

Also note that no cover is 100% water proof and there is always some leakage no mater how water tight seals are.

And because of FRP of MX4, besides UV protection, the cover also makes a good insulator to heat, keeping your stuff underneath cool and the glues of weatherstripping intact properly.

The rubber sealing also do not expand and contract too much with temperature changes.

Also in MX4, the cover offers you with very low profiled hinges between each plate of the panel, so the cover would not bow in the middle (which creates a water pool in wet conditions).

Working of these covers?

Working of these covers is very similar. Both covers have slam latches. They provide you with full and partial bed access in the same way. And the panels gets secured in also similar manner.

And it takes almost same time to install them as well.

But the Gator FX does not provide you with dual tail gate action locking system.

So What’s the Verdict?

Coming in at about a grand, MX4 is quite expensive when it comes to trifolds.

While the Gator FX is a great catch especially if you are looking for a premium hard cover under a grand and compromise on the dual tail gate feature.

ON the other hand, the BAkflip MX4 provides you with premium…well.. everything.

But the biggest selling point of BAK Industries for me is their customer service, its just great and they really help you out with everything. And if you get any sort of manufacturing issue with your cover, they don’t hesitate at all sending you a new one.