UnderCover Ultra Flex vs Gator FX

Both these tri folding covers are great at giving you a good deal of security while providing you with total bed access. But which of these is still better?

Here the Undercover Ultra Flex gives a matte black outlook with three folding panels. And it comes with integrated LED lights that aids during night time.

On the other side, the Gator FX also looks great and has tough aluminum construction with a black powder coat finishing. It can give you total bed access with the help of its support struts.

Let’s check out their designs:

The Gator FX is a good middle ground cover and it sits flush with the bed. The low-profile design provides these covers with a streamlined appearance. Its made out of low weighted aluminum metal and has a glossy finishing on it.

The black powder is coated on these covers with an additional UV-resistant layer on FX.

These are hard tri-folded covers with FX giving 2/3 meanwhile FX provides full bed accessibility.

Buckle straps are provided with them for secure open cover driving.

The building material is also durable and lightweight. Draining tubes and EPDM rubber allow quick removal of water. Rubber hinges are available on both these covers.

On the other side, the Undercover Ultra Flex resembles the contestant design-wise as it is also a tri-fold, matte black, hard folding tonneau cover. It also can be used at three secure positions and has a dual action tailgate seal.

Its outer layer is created by a powdered coating of UV resistant matte black polymer. And its panels are covered/carpeted from underneath which creates a cushioning effect and save the cover from scratches, chips and cuts.

It also has an additional feature. It has LED lights integrated into its rails, providing a benefit in low-light weather and night trips. (But you can install this LED light with any cover and the one that comes with this is not that good quality wise, given its price).

Overall, the cover brings in a little more attractive and aerodynamic outlook. Its compared size offers the same dimensions as that of its peer. It also has water drain tubes and EPDM rubber seals. Slam latches and dual-action tailgate latch are also offered by it. In addition, it is provided with an integrated rail light which allows you to check your truck bed even in the dark.

Durability Comparison

Both of these covers are very durable. As we saw in design they are both constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum folding panels, giving it the strength to endure extreme conditions. And these are then coated to protect the covers further.

But if we compare both of them, the Gator FX with its 300 pounds weight bearing capacity, compared to the Undercover Ultra Flex 400 lbs, shows a slightly less durability.

Other than this the Ultra Cover also has covering on the inner side as well and bigger rubber seals compared which provide better protection against the rain.

And with Gator FX the side to side flex is felt more, espicially in winters.

Other than this they are both pretty durable.

Other things to note about these covers:

Both of them lack remote control operations and have to be operated manually. They can be piled up on each other and you can open them up all the way.

If we look at the price vs performance ratio, the Gator FX really takes the lead here. As both of these covers look same and perform same and there’s a slight durability difference.

The Gator FX is going to get a little hoter in comparison (in hot weather). And it does not have the LED light installed and its seals are less thicker, and it does not provide cushion underneath the cover, and that’s all you loose with lesser price.

For both covers, there is a pull string beneath its rear panel which is to be pulled to fold the panels. And these panels are automatically locked at each fold, granting you half bed access.

It has prop rods that support the piled panels along with the rear window so that you can have full access to your truck bed.

You can also have full-bed and partial access with this cover as it can be locked in 2/3rd open position as well as at 90° for complete access

So whats the verdict?

Given the price point, the Gator FX really makes sense. But at the same time, you get more durability with the Undercover Ultra Flex, which is also more resistant to water and comes with a LED light.