BAK Revolver X2 vs X4

Some of the strongest and toughest tonneau covers on the market are made by Bak. For example, the Bak revolver X2 and X4 Tonneau Coverings from the revolver X Series are two of its best-selling covers.

Both of them are hard rolling tonneau covers. Both versions feature a roll-up mechanism that may be used to push open or close the truck bed quickly. Beautiful finishing, increased security, and a rapid roll-up tool are all features of the BAK Revolver X2 and X4’s construction. Both contenders offer excellent cargo protection from external elements due to their durable construction and premium water resistivity.

Compared to X2, X4 has a higher warranty period, and its locking system is comparatively stronger. The finishing is the only visible difference between the two; X2 has a gloss black finishing while its competitor has a matt black finishing giving it a shining surface.

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Comparison table

SpecsBAK Revolver X2BAK Revolver X4
Tonneau TypeHard Rolling CoverHard Rolling Cover
ConstructionVinyl-covered automatic aluminum rotational locking railsVinyl-covered automatic aluminum rotational locking rails
FinishingGloss blackMatte black
Edge designAlmost seamless edges that are flatHeightened edges with a trim pattern
Mounting TypesInside the Bed RailsInside the Bed Rails
Water resistancePremium Water ResistancePremium Water Resistance
Weight capacity400 pounds evenly distributed400 pounds evenly distributed
Locking leversThick and RobustThicker by three times than X2
Lock TypeTailgateTailgate
Latching systemPatented automatic Slam Latch systemPatented automated Slam Latch system
CompatibilityCompatible with accessories installed in stake holesCompatible with accessories installed in stake holes
WarrantyThree yearsFive years
Price range1029.88$-1009.88$969.88$-1079$

Design and Composition

Both contenders are complex low profile rolling tonneau covers, giving them a clean and sleek look. Although the X2 and X4 appear relatively similar, their edges primarily distinguish them. The X4 is the most recent iteration of the Bak revolver series and has a more distinct appearance. It has raised edges that give both sides a “trim” look. The cover has a macho appearance and a striking characteristic, thanks to the raised edges. On the other hand, the X2 is renowned for its smooth design, devoid of protruding edges. While in use, the lid won’t protrude because of the smooth surface.

The cover and frame material of both contenders is Vinyl and aluminum, they differ from a finishing perspective. In the sunlight, X2’s vinyl surface sparkles brilliantly because of its glossy black texture. Although the matte black finish on the X4 model does not reflect sunlight, it looks and feels much more opulent. Both have shallow profiles and fit flush with truck bed rails. As a result, the truck has a seamless, factory-installed appearance that complements your vehicle. A low-profile result in less wind resistance, which increases fuel efficiency. The corners are the only thing that differs. The edges of the X2 are practically flush with the bed rails, while those of the X4 have a slight rise.

Since their construction material is the same, the contest only depends upon the contenders’ look. So it essentially comes down to a buyer comparing the two products to determine which one they prefer.

Performance and Durability

Since both cover shells are made from a mixture of aluminum and vinyl, they are on equal footing regarding rigidity and strength. As a result, both have a similar ability to shield the bed’s contents from rain, snow, hail, and intense storms. Up to 400lbs of weight can be supported by each tonneau cover when it is spread uniformly. They are therefore, nearly as durable as most hard fold tonneau covers. Because they can hold the weight, the covers are excellent even for common snowfall locations.

Although no tonneau cover is entirely waterproof, these two contenders come very near. They are highly resistant to various meteorological factors, such as dust. First, their sturdy vinyl overlay has no air holes, rendering the substance entirely waterproof. Both rainstorms and car washing will assist in water resistance. Some water can try seeping through the rails as it rolls off the vinyl covering. But before it enters the truck bed, it is prevented by the EPDM rubber side seals. Additional weather stripping is provided with the X2 and X4 that can be used on the tailgate to increase water resistance. Together, these characteristics shield your priceless equipment from moisture and other environmental factors.

Hence, both contenders are on equal footing from a performance and durability perspective.


Simple latching mechanisms on the X2 and X4 lock over once the tailgate is closed. Once the tailgate has been rolled down, you can quickly open them with a pull string opener. As with the soft roll-ups, they are stylish and simple to use. And also, highly durable and safe, similar to a hard fold tonneau cover. Because they can be cut through, soft roll-ups are less secure than hard roll-ups but are far more durable because of the aluminum slats. Both the X2 and X4 reflect this. In addition, the rotatable locking rails, which, when closed, secure the entire length of the truck bed, are another feature shared by each of them. The tonneau covers have an Automatic Patented Slam Latch System to increase their level of security. This secures the tonneau cover at the tailgate, protecting all of your equipment.

Hence the contest ended in a stalemate.

Warranty and Price

The Bak revolver X2 and X4 each have three- and five-year warranties, respectively. The contracts cover both the vinyl covering and the aluminum frame. So the clear winner in this competition is X4.

The cost of the two truck bed covers is nearly identical. However, the X4 is slightly more expensive due to its superior warranty period. Its price ranges from $1010 to $1030, whereas that of X2 is between $970 and $1079.

Quick summary

  • Both tonneau covers are low-profile, rigid retractable covers.
  • Both can support 400 lbs of weight.
  • They are both manufactured with an aluminum frame and vinyl coating.
  • X2 has a warranty of 3 years and X4 of 5 years.
  • The X4 tonneau cover features a matte black finish, whereas the X2 has a gloss black surface.
  • The X4 has much more robust locking levers than the X2.
  • Both of them provide the same level of durability and water resistance.