Pace Edwards Switchblade VS Roll-N-Lock M-SERIES XT

Both of the contenders are retractable tonneau covers that retract into themselves to provide bed access. Both of them are hard bed covers with a low-profile design to provide a sleek look. Their sleek and aerodynamic look also contributes to enhancing fuel economy.

Switchable is made up of aluminum and ArmorTek polymer with a gloss black finishing. It offers premium protection to cargo in the bed due to its unbeatable strength and durability. It also ensures the premium safety of your cargo from being theft or attack. It is very easy to install, operate and remove from the truck.

The composition and protection in XT are almost similar to Switchable. It also offers protection to the cargo and easy installation along with 3 years of warranty. But the major aspect is its MaxTrak system that allows attaching t-slot rail accessories for optimizing the load capacity of the truck. It acquires the most compact canister in the industry.

Compared to its competitor, XT has a MaxTrak system, superior warranty, and compact canister. But lack behind from durability, installation ease, and security point of view from Switchable.

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Comparison Table

SpecificationsPace Edwards SwitchbladeRoll-N-Lock M-SERIES XT
ManufacturerPace EdwardsRoll-N-Lock
Tonneau TypeRetractableRetractable
Cover TypeHardHard
DesignLow ProfileLow Profile
LaminationArmorTek polymerVinyl
FinishingGloss BlackMatte Black
CoatingPowered coatingPowered coating
Installation designClamp-on-trackClamp-on-track
Locking TypeTailgateKey Lock
Open/CloseHandle TabsRotary Latch System
Canister length, inches11 ½7 ½
Drain TubesBuilt-inBuilt-in
Pull StrapYesYes
Driving ConditionsFully closed / Multiple latching positions / Fully openedFully closed / Multiple latching positions / Fully opened
Cost Range1100 – 1200 $1400 – 1500 $


  • Both of the tonneau covers have a low-profile design to offer a sleek and aerodynamic look.
  • Both of them are retractable tonneau covers which means they can retract or roll back into their low-profile canisters.
  • The canister depth of the canister of XT and Switchable is 7 ½ and 11 ½ inches.
  • They are equipped with drain tubes to channel rainwater or melted snow out of the truck.
  • Both of them have a pull strap so their users can operate them from the tailgate as well.
  • For the smooth retraction process, Switchable has a torsion spring in its canister while XT has it installed inside the 3-inch thick aluminum casing.
  • Both are equipped with insulated grip handles for closing purposes.
  • Both of them have installed patented hinge designs inside their aluminum casing to provide secure operation.
  • What distinguishes XT from its competitor is having a MaxTrak System integrated on its t-slot rails for cargo expansion. The System works with many T-slot accessories from Thule, Yakima, Rhino-Rack, and many others. This allows its users to haul outdoor gears, mount bikes, coolers, etc.

 Almost all the design aspects are similar in both contenders but with a MaxTrak system installed in it, XT win over this competition. Also, XT has a more compact canister than its competitor.


Both of the competitors’ casings are made from aluminum to enhance their rigidity and strength so that the cargo remains protected from harmful elements. The casing of XT is laminated with a vinyl’s thick layer for uncompromising strength and durability throughout the year. While its competitor is being laminated with an ArmorTek polymer, vinyl, which is known for its weather-resistant abilities. Switchable has a gloss black finishing while its competitor has a matte black finishing. Both finishing processes are done by powder coating to protect the covers from scratches and dents.

Both have similar casing composition and finishing process, but the laminating vinyl of Switchable is more advanced since its coating formula is being made by ArmorTek, a global leader in proving ceramic coating products.

Performance and Durability

When it comes to rigidity and strength, both contenders are on the same ground since their casings’ material is the same, aluminum. Both of them are equally capable of protecting the content in the bed from rain, snow, hailstones, drastic storms, etc. But Switchable would last longer than its competitor because it is laminated with an ArmorTek polymer which protects the casing from UV rays, contamination, and other elements more efficiently than its competitor. Besides that, both are equipped with built-in drain tubes to remove water or melted ice from the truck.

Hence both are equal ground from a performance point of view, but Switchable is better when it comes to durability.

Operation and Security

The retractable design of Switchable is equipped with a tension spring system which is installed in its canister. It makes its operation very easy and smooth. First, you need to open the tailgate, and then squeeze the handle tabs, which are beneath the cover and in the middle of it, to retract the latches. This would free the bed cover and it would automatically retract into the canister. To close the cover, utilize the pull strap to draw it towards the tailgate. You can lock it in multiple positions depending upon the space you require.

XT also contains a torsion spring system in it to provide smooth retraction. But the difference is that the spring system is being installed inside the aluminum casing instead of the canister. To open the cover, unlock the key on top of the cover and rotate the knob to activate the rotary latching system. To close up the cover, utilize the pull strap and draw it towards the tailgate and return the knob in the opposite direction.

The operation of both competitors is easy and smooth but Switchable is more secure since you first need to open the tailgate for its operation. Even though there is a lock system on top of the XT, the tailgate’s locking system is relatively more secure.


The installation process of both contenders is very easy and does not involve any drilling process. Clamp-on-track design is being utilized by these tonneau covers where no special tool is required. To install Switchable, all you need is a Phillips screwdriver and a 7/16 inch wrench. And for XT’s installation, you would require a medium flat head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a 7/16 inch wrench, a cordless screwdriver or a drill with a number 2 Philips bit, and a measuring tape. There is also the installation of t-slot accessories in the case of XT to fully utilize its capabilities.

Hence XT would be a little bit tougher to install compared to its competitor because of its MaxTrak System.


Switchable has only one year of warranty to offer. While its competitor delivers up to 3 years of warranty. Their warranties cannot be claimed if the tonneau covers are being misused, or damaged due to improper usage, accidents, etc. Their warranties are non-transferable and can only be claimed by the original owner.


The cost of XT is comparatively more than its competitor for an obvious reason, its MaxTrak system which enhances the load capacity of midsized trucks. The cost range of XT is 1400 – 1500$. While its competitor ranges from 1100$ to 1200$.

Quick Summary

  • Both contenders are hard retractable tonneau covers with a low profile design.
  • Both of them are being made with aluminum casing, vinyl lamination, and black powder coating.
  • XT has a more compact canister along with a MaxTrak system for large size cargo.
  • The composition of Switchable is slightly better than its competitor because of having an advanced laminated material.
  • Both competitors possess equal strength and rigidity for optimum protection of cargo in the bed.
  • Switchable is more durable when compared to its competitor.
  • Both of them are easy to operate.
  • Switchable provides more security to cargo than its competitor.
  • The installation process of both contenders is easy but XT is slightly more complicated because of its MaxTrak system.
  • XT and Switchable have three and one years of warranty respectively.
  • XT is more costly than its competitor.