BakFlip FiberMaX vs Pace Edwards SwitchBlade

Tonneau covers not provides your truck with sleek looks but also make your vehicle aerodynamic, so you are going to make your truck economical as well.

If we start with the BAKflip Fibermax, the cover comes with 2 latch system and 3 FRP panels and they are lightweight and very resistive to scratches (or minor dents). They are made out of aluminum and it keep the cover low profiled. Moreover, the black finish of the covers offers you with additional protection (that I talked about in detail below).

Although it is somewhat less expensive, the FRP endures at least 300 lbs of surface load and provides a warranty of 2 years.  

On the other side, we have the Pace Edwards Switchblade which is also very tough and is a retractable tonneau cover with a lot of convenience and versatility in its design.

It features “ArmorTek” construction. which is made out of aluminum and a polymer, which is then reinforced with a coating. And this give this cover unbeatable strength and durability. It is very easy to install, operate and remove from the truck.

Let’s check them out in more detail.

Protection comparison

No cover can provide you with 100% watertight protection. But the Pace Edwards SwitchBlade is as best as it gets here. weather-resistant padded polymer on top bonded to rigid aluminum panels for a smooth look but provides the protection of a hardcover against harsh weather.

This drainage system works to direct all the water out of the truck bed through the supplied drain tubes. Whereas, the top cover does a fantastic job of keeping leaks at bay.

However, if you were caught in a strong downpour, your truck bed would most definitely have some minimal amount of water entering from gaps that are not part of the cover.

Note: In case of Pace Edwards Switchblade, its weight capacity is unknown, but it’s intended to withstand the full force of a snowstorm. However, the exact maximum capacity has not been published by the manufacturer. The Switchblade is backed by a one-year warranty.

On the other hand, the famous Bakflip FiberMax offers a latch system that prevents leaks, even when it’s raining or snowing.

This cover is also flushed with your bed to provide a snappy, low-profile appearance. Like its peer, its exterior may be painted, chromed or polished. Moreover, due to the presence of FRP in its composition, it is slightly thicker than its counterpart.

And this feature is also very unique. The solid core panels that comes with it give very high end protection against bad weather. And the fiberglass material is highly resistant to heat and UV rays, making BakFlip perfect for your vehicle year-round. (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer is used to create the Fibermax truck bed cover).

But overall, the Pace Switchblade takes a lead here… It features a shiny, vinyl grain, black layout and ArmorTek construction. Being spring operated, it also retracts automatically once you unlock it at the rear end. (Where the pull strap and no-drill installation makes it user friendly).

Durability comparison

The Pace Edwards SwitchBlade cover has a low profile design to offer sleek and aerodynamic look. It is retractable which mean it can retract or roll back into its low profile canister. The canister depth is 11.5 inches. The cover is constructed from high-quality components such as aluminum slats and surfaced by ArmorTrek, reducing the risk of damage.

ArmorTek is a weather-resistant material that is bonded to aluminium slats for a high-end look. The metal parts are intended to protect the truck bed from outside elements such as moisture and debris. In short, this construction makes it tough enough to provide the protection and rigidity of hardcovers. So you know right away that it’s built to last.

The BakFlip Fibermax, on the other hand, is also provided with weather-protective hinges and seals of EPDM rubber. It also offers water drainage side rails which direct the excess water towards the drain tube which in return funnels it towards the outside. It also features EPDM rubber seals and hinges which efficiently function in keeping your gear dry even in extreme rain and sleet. composed of industrial-grade aluminum which is blended with comparatively weaker fiberglass and plastic. Moreover, its gloss finishing is, however, good in preventing dents and scrapes but can’t beat its peer in doing so.

Standard UV protection is provided by the high-quality fiberglass-reinforced polymer used in the Fibermax. The cover is ready to direct the way in offering UV radiation protection due to the FRP coating.

Operation and Security

The retractable design of Pace Edwards Switchable is equipped with a tension spring system which is installed in its canister. It makes its operation very easy and smooth. First, you need to open the tailgate, and then squeeze the handle tabs, which are beneath the cover and in the middle of it, to retract the latches. This would free the bed cover and it would automatically retract into the canister. To close the cover, utilize the pull strap to draw it towards the tailgate. You can lock it in multiple positions depending upon the space you require.

(The cover is equipped with insulated grip handles for closing purposes It has patented hinge design installed inside its aluminum casing to provide secure operation).

One thing to note about Pace Edwards Switchblade: The cover lacks lacks intermittent locks to stop the cover halfway and lock it in a half-opened position. Its compact canister fits easily into the truck bed without taking much of the storage space.

On the flip side, the BAKFlip FiberMax offers modular latches that protect the rear window from shifting cargo and keep the third brake light visible. The automatic locking feature ensures your load stays safe, while an option for better safety is a tailgate lock!

The users don’t need to remove the cover for full bed access. Instead, they can roll up on edge, buckle system included! It includes three-position locks, which allow you to secure it closed or open, as well as a partial opening where needed – perfect when loading items onto flatbeds without having anything blocking their way in case of emergencies like rainstorms (or children).

It also has rubber bumpers so that even if there’s an impact, nothing will hit hard enough against these durable panels unless wanted very specifically by its driver.

FiberMax automatic latching system ensures that the panels are securely held in place, with no manual effort required. Users can release latches located on both sides, and there is a fully open cover ready for you! Some struts hold it up properly, so even when driving feels like an accomplishment without lifting one finger.

A series of magnets keep this handy pop-up lid locked tightly into place while also holding its sturdy construction together to withstand harsh road conditions.

Overall Performance:

If we talk about their performance, there are few factors that you need to understand.

Looking at the Pace Switchblade first… this cover is able to carry more weight. And it provides you with better haling facility. Besides having an ArmorTek composition which protects it from various damages, the cover on its on can also withstand heavy rainfall, extreme temperatures, or dust exposures. It has built-in channels connected to drain tubes and in heavy downpours, it efficiently funnels out excessive water, keeping it from trickling onto the truck bed.

It is also comparatively easy to use as well as its canister integrates retractor (spring loaded) which wraps the cover up automaticaly (with a press of the pinch latch).

Other than this, a pull strap is attached to its rear end to conveniently pull it over the bed without climbing up the bed or walking around the vehicle.

On the other hand, our other tri fold cover, the BAKflip Fibermax provides you with latches which significantly unfold the panels towards the bed cap. It has buckle straps and strut rods which secure the panels in 2/3 and full folded positions respectively. Each panel automatically locks when folded up against the cab due to its automated latching technology. Additionally, it contains strut rods and buckle straps that hold the panels in folded positions. When the tailgate is shut, it cannot be shuttered because of an aluminum locking device.