Pace Edwards Switchblade vs Gator Recoil

Both of these are retractable tonneau covers that can be extended or closed according to your needs. The rigid aluminium structuring with enhanced outer coatings makes these fittings reliable for truck beds.

Pace Switchblade showcases a shiny, vinyl grain, black layout and takes the lead over its contestant due to its ArmorTek construction. Being spring operated, it retracts automatically once you unlock it at the rear end. Pull strap and no-drill installation makes it very user friendly.

The competitor, Recoil, is also a black retractable tonneau protector, but it specifies a lined and matte look. It has a multi-positioned lock system and works through a sealed ball bearing roller. You can set it at any point by adjusting the position of the intermittent central lock. The outer powdered coating enables UV resistance to ensure that it lasts over the truck bed for a long duration.

Compared to Gator Recoil, Switchblade is made from robust aluminum, shows better weather resistance, has higher weight bearing capacity, and provides more ease of usage. But its warranty period is comparatively lesser, and the price is relatively higher.

Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsPace Edwards switchbladeGator recoil
ManufacturerPace EdwardsGator
MaterialAluminium w/ VinylAluminium
ExteriorVinyl Grain finishPowder coat finish
RetractionTension springs operatedSealed ball bearing roller
SecurityPinch Lock/ Squeeze lockelastomeric grip Lock
Weight-Bearing Capacity200 lbs150 lbs
Remote PoweredNoNo
Warranty1 year2 years
Price$1,100 to $1,190$940 to $1000


Switchblade is a low-profile tonneau cover featuring a clean, black, vinyl-grain finish. The glossy look comes from the ArmorTek compound- a patent of Pace Edwards. It has a retractable feature and covers the full length of the truck bed. It is equipped with a spring retractor that closes it quickly after unlocking. But it lacks intermittent locks to stop the cover halfway and lock it in a half-opened position. Its compact canister fits easily into the truck bed without taking much of the storage space.

Recoil also specifies a low-profile design, but it shows a matte outlook in black colour. Due to its sealed ball bearing roller, it can be retracted manually. It stays fixed through a grip lock and provides three locking positions over the truck bed. You can keep the cover half-closed if you need to. It has a protective cover over the canister to avoid dirt build-up.

Both covers are easy to install as they can be integrated without any drilling or cutting. It takes about 30 minutes to one and a half hour and a few basic tools to fix these auto parts in place.

Composition and Protection

Pace Edwards employs ArmorTek construction to manufacture Switchblade, making it superior to its competitor. It consists of a weather resistant polymer that is top bonded on a hardcore aluminium panel. Aluminium slats make this cover robust and mechanically durable, while padded polymer protects against harsh climate. It resists fluctuating environmental temperatures, smoke, sand, and dirt.  Its water drainage tubes smoothly channel out water, keeping the bed dry and clean.

Gator Recoil also utilizes the aluminium sheet structure sprayed with a UV resistant powder coating that keeps it safe from the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays and also protects from scratches and wear-tear. A protective canister cover prevents the accumulation of dirt, sand, and water inside. It also has drain tubes to channel water out without damaging the truck bed.

FeaturesPace Edwards switchableGator recoil
Material UsedAluminumAluminum
FinishingGlossy, black vinyl grainMatte, black powder
CanisterCompact and no-profileNo profile canister with a protective covering


Switchblade can hold more weight on top of it. Thus, it provides a better hauling facility than its competitor. Likewise, its protective functions are superior because ArmorTek composition protects it from various damages due to heavy rainfall, very high or freezing temperatures, and dust exposure. It has built-in channels connected to drain tubes and in heavy downpours, it efficiently funnels out excessive water, keeping it from trickling onto the truck bed. It is comparatively easy to use as well because its canister integrates a spring tensioned retractor, which automatically wraps up the cover when you press the pinch latch. Moreover, a pull strap is attached to its rear end to conveniently pull it over the bed without climbing up the bed or walking around the vehicle.

Recoil also provides reliable performance due to its sturdy composition and efficient protective mechanisms, but it stands below the competitor. It has a lesser weight bearing capacity and supports only 150 Ibs. The drainage system of the Gator cover comes at par with its contestant; it collects water and channels it out smoothly through the drain tubes of the canister. If you want to extend or close this cover, you would need to pull or push it manually over the railing and lock it at latch stops to fix it in place to prevent the ball bearing roller from sliding to and fro.

PerformancePace Edwards switchbladeGator Recoil
Operating StyleManually RetractableManually Retractable
Remote controllingNoNo
Partial accessNoYes


None of these tonneau covers has a key-enabled lock, but both enable tailgate seal. So, these covers would not operate when they are completely stretched, and the tailgate is closed. However, the elastomeric latching system of Gator recoil is comparatively efficient. It utilizes grip latches; the flap at the end of the cover fixes into the railing locks, and you need to manually unlock it to slide it back and forth. It has three intermittent locks, and you can set the position of the cover accordingly; it is safe to drive when the tonneau cover is locked at any of these three positions.

On the other side, Switchblade has a squeeze latch present on its rear end. The cover is quickly retracted into the canister by its tensioned springs when you open the lock. You cannot securely hold this cover in a half-opened position as it lacks intermittent locks.

PerformancePace Edwards switchbladeGator Recoil
Latch systemPinch/ Squeeze latchelastomeric grip latch
Latch pointsnone3


In terms of durability, we expect good performance from both covers as each of these has a hard aluminium panel covered by protective polymer layers. However, Gator gives a longer replacement warranty for its product in comparison. Recoil comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

In contrast, Switchblade is supported with a replacement warranty from its manufacturer for only a year.


When it comes to pricing, the switchblade costs a higher amount. Nonetheless, it offers premium construction and enhanced climate protection. It costs from $1,100 to $1,190.

Recoil can be owned with less money in the pocket, and still, it provides satisfactory performance and a longer warranty period. Its price range spans from $940 to $1,000.

Quick Summary

  • Both tonneau covers are manually retractable
  • Switchblade has a premium construction employing ArmorTek compound.
  • Both products allow drill-free installation, but Switchblade stands more user friendly due to its automatic retraction and pull strap functions.
  • Recoil has comparatively lesser weight bearing ability.
  • Locking system of Gator cover is more efficient and also allows partial access.
  • Recoil comes with a longer warranty than its competitor.
  • Switchblade is priced higher in comparison.