Pace Edwards Switchblade vs JackRabbit

Both coverings provide adequate weather protection. Jackrabbit is more durable than Switchblade and is also better in usage. But its also more expensive. So is it still worth it?

Pace Edwards Switchblade is a durable, retractable tonneau cover with a lot of convenience and versatility in its design, featuring ArmorTek construction.

On the other hand, the JackRabbit combines the strength and security of a metal tonneau cover with the appearance and feel of a paperback. Its design makes cleaning a breeze and gives it a sleek appearance.

Side By Side Comparison:

There isn’t a tonneau cover that is 100% watertight, but the Pace Edwards SwitchBlade will be about as water-resistant as one can be.

Pace Edwards Switchblade
Pace Edwards Switchblade

The cover has a weather-resistant padded polymer on top bonded to rigid aluminium panels for a smooth look but provides the protection of a hardcover against harsh weather.

The system’s rails feature an effective drainage system.

This drainage system works to direct all the water out of the truck bed through the supplied drain tubes.

Whereas, the top cover does a fantastic job of keeping leaks at bay.

However, if you were caught in a strong downpour, your truck bed would most definitely have some minimal amount of water entering from gaps that are not part of the cover.

The Jackrabbit is constructed in such a manner that water gathered on the top is transferred to the canister.

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit
Pace Edwards Jackrabbit

The provided drain tubes situated at the bottom of the canister direct this excess water out of your truck, keeping your truck bed dry and secure.

Even though it provides protection against water and leaks, no cover is completely waterproof.

After a good downpour, you might find a small amount of water collected around the truck bed.

This water cannot enter through the rigid roof, but it will find a way in through gaps and areas that are not part of the JackRabbit, such as tailgates, gaps between guide rails, holes, etc.

So, both the covers are water-resistant but not waterproof.

Durability comparison

Switchblade is a low-profile retractable cover constructed from high-quality components such as aluminum slats and surfaced by ArmorTrek, reducing the risk of damage.

Pace Edwards Switchblade
Pace Edwards Switchblade Durability

ArmorTek is a weather-resistant material that is bonded to aluminum slats for a high-end look.

The metal parts are intended to protect the truck bed from outside elements such as moisture and debris.

In short, this construction makes it tough enough to provide the protection and rigidity of hardcovers.

So you know right away that it’s built to last. Its weight capacity is unknown, but it’s intended to withstand the full force of a snowstorm.

However, the exact maximum capacity has not been published by the manufacturer.

The Switchblade is backed by a one-year warranty.

The Jackrabbit cover is comprised of sturdy aluminum slats and coated with Pace’s ArmorTek overlay to offer a robust, lightweight application.

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit

The interconnecting aluminum panels of the JackRabbit blanket are bonded to a polymer composite substance.

This unique combination of textured polymer material will last for years while remaining flexible in sub-zero conditions.

The maximum weight capacity of Jackrabbit is also unknown.

However, it can also withstand the load of snow and rain. The Jackrabbit has been warrantied for three years.

Ease of use

Unlike soft or hard tonneau covers, the Switchblade is a retractable cover that is easy to use with no need to fold. All you need to do is roll it up effortlessly.

Pace Edwards Switchblade Installation
Pace Edwards Switchblade Installation

Thanks to the special continuous tension spring integrated into the small canister, this spring ensures smooth and steady retraction every time you open and close the cover with minor effort.

To make things a whole lot easier, this cover comes with a convenient pull strap that helps you close your tonneau cover with just a pull.

This saves you the effort of having to reach for the edge of the cover or climb into the bed to close it.

But this cover requires your tailgate to be opened first, as it has a squeeze latch beneath the cover in the centre that releases the lid easily in seconds.

Once the cover is completely opened, it doesn’t block your rear window either, so you can have full rear visibility while driving. The Switchblade is ideal for those who often need to remove the cover.

It can be removed in a few minutes with no more than just two tools.

While Jackrabbit, on the other hand, is also a retractable cover, it retracts into the canister quickly and smoothly via the continuous tension spring.

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit
Jackrabbit Installation

This cover also comes with a convenient pull strap used to close the cover with minimal effort.

The Jackrabbit operates easily as it has a twist latch on the top, unlike the cord beneath the Switchblade, so you can turn the twist easily and the cover instantly draws into the canister without having to lower the tailgate.

You can load large items into your truck bed as well, with your cover partially closed. Because it comes with an intermittent locking system, due to which the latch provides intermittent locking every 12 inches.

So you can carry large items easily with half of your truck bed exposed without any worries.

You can lock it with a twist lock at every 12-inch interval locking point. These features make the Jackrabbit outperform the Switchblade in terms of ease of usage.

Security comparison

The cover panels of the Switchblade are composed of strong and durable polymer-cushioned aluminum. Puncturing the surface would take a lot of effort.

The only way to open it is the squeeze latch underneath in the bottom centre of the cover, which can only be accessed once the tailgate is opened.

So, as long as your tailgate is locked, the cover is secured. There’s no way someone can break in, if your truck bed is secured with a tailgate lock.

The Jackrabbit comes with a lock and key.

It has a twist latch on the top that is used to open and lock the cover. You can lock and unlock your cover via this twist latch.

If the cover is fully closed, it overlaps the truck bed, preventing the bed from opening.

However, the lock is on the top, which might be slightly easier to access.

Overall, both covers provide strict security as they comprise a specific lock system that completely ensures the safety of the truck bed.

Cost comparison

Both of these covers are retractable and will cost you a lot more as compared to average covers. One thing that should be noted is that the prices vary according to the models and type of vehicle. The list price for the Switchblade Retractable Cover is $1,128.95–$1,188.59. It is warranted for one year.

The list price for JackRabbit is $1,531.59–$1,806.3 and is backed by a stout warranty of three years. It is, therefore, more expensive than the Switchblade. (Please note that price may vary in the future)