Pace Edwards UltraGroove vs Jackrabbit

Both of these tonneau covers come from the same company ‘Pace Edwards’. Both covers offer hard aluminum, retractable panels with matte-black powder coating. They can be operated with a remote and there is no need of drilling or clamping to fit these covers on the truck bed.

Ultra Groove is a flat metallic truck bed cover with a polished soft look. Having remote control operations with electromagnetic brake locks this cover comes out to be one of the best choices. Moreover, the rail expansion system (RES) is offered as a principal appliance. It can be fitted over any fifth wheel gooseneck hitch, which is not higher than 2 inches below the bed rails.

Jackrabbit is a flush-mounted metallic truck bed cover with a shiny, streamlined soft look. It offers a locking twist latch which significantly opens it without opening the tailgate. The optional explorer rails are also introduced in this cover. Its protective polymer construction makes it one of the favorite choices of users.

Protection Comparison

UltraGroove is highly recommended in the case of protection. It offers polypropylene shielding with sealed end caps that extend down to cover the posterior end of the bed and provide the best protection against extreme weather conditions. Highly modified drain tubes at the front and rear of the bed allow excellent drainage of water, making this truck bed cover more efficient in the case of waterproofing. Moreover, it has its own tailgate seal that stretches above the tailgate and prevents the entry of water into the bed.

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit is also a tough, polypropylene-protected cover with weather-resistant polymer layering. The end caps in the case of this cover are also sealed which cover the rear of the bed, guarding it against harsh weather. Its tailgate seal makes it waterproof to some extent but the drain tubes are limited only to the rear of the bed, so, it can’t drain water as efficiently as its counterpart. However, its mounting rails are proved highly efficient in pushing water to the posterior duct, where the furnished drain tubes funnel it.

Durability Comparison

UltraGroove features a stuffed polymer coating that covers its aluminum slats and provides protection against dents, cuts, and scrapes. The Armor Tek overlay laminated to aluminum also functions in providing the best protection against unusual weather conditions and grants this bed cover a long life. Moreover, the matte-black powder coat finish over rigid aluminum panels adds to its increased durability and guards it against rust. It can carry up to 400 pounds of weight and is limited to 3 years of warranty with 30 days of return guarantee.

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit’s construction also undergoes an Armor Tek overlay which guards it against harsh weather conditions and contributes to increasing its durability. Its cover panels also undergo aluminum coating with polymer lamination, adding to its rigidity and durability. Moreover, the durable matte-black powder is also introduced in this truck bed cover which enhances its durability. Its engaging aluminum panels are supported by a polymer blended material which aids in providing it a long life and maintains flexibility even at a sub-freezing level. Its bearing capacity is also limited to 400 pounds and offers a warranty of 3 years with 30 days of return guarantee.

Ease To Use

Both truck bed covers being the product of Pace Edwards are quite easy to use. For the installation of UltraGroove, no drilling is required as it offers knob clamps that can easily be fastened by hand. The canister locks the mounting rails and it can be tightened by using screws. Its side rails offer built-in T-Slotted channels having end caps so that you can easily install them to your truck bed. This truck bed cover offers hands-free access and is operated with the help of a remote. The tailgate is to be opened first to uncover the bed. The continuous tension springs are introduced in this cover, therefore, once it is unlocked you simply have to release the latch and push the cover, it will wrap automatically into the canister.  Also, a pull strap is provided at the rear of the bed cover, so, that you don’t have to move around the truck bed to cover or uncover it. The bed cover can be locked at every 12 inches, so, that you can use a part of it according to your need.

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit is also used in the same way with a plus point that you don’t have to open the tailgate to uncover the bed. It offers a twisted key lock which is to be unlocked to operate the bed so you don’t have to worry if your truck lacks a tailgate lock. It offers a bolt-on installation and no drilling is required to install it. The screws can easily be fastened by hand but if you find your cover hard to be opened and closed, you may need to redo the shimming. It is good for your cover to be opened and closed regularly because its operating spring is self-lubricated. Its regular use keeps it in proper working condition. It can also be operated by a remote and can be locked at every 12 inches for its partial use. It also offers continuous tension springs which wrap the bed into the canister only by a slight push. The pull strap is provided in this cover which gives you total access to the cover by standing at a fixed position without moving a step.

Security Comparison

UltraGroove gives excellent security against thieves as it cannot be broken easily even by violent attacks due to its tough metallic composition. However, UltraGroove can only be unlocked by using a remote as it does not offer a locking latch. Once the remote is lost, you lose access to your bed cover, and then the only option left is to buy a new remote.

Jackrabbit also offers a tough metallic body with aluminum coating which efficiently guards it. However, it is a much better choice in the case of security as it offers a locking latch which makes it more secure against burglars. Once you have key locked your bed cover, none of remotes can unlock it but only your key. No matter if you got your remote missing, the bed can easily be operated with a key.

Cost Comparison

In the case of cost, UltraGroove is slightly expensive as it offers better weather protection. Moreover, if you want to add a fifth-wheel hitch then this cover is more effective in maintaining the height of your vehicle. Jackrabbit may lose height in this case. Also, the more efficient drainage system adds to the higher price of UltraGroove.


  • UltraGroove is slightly ahead of its competitor in the case of protection because it offers extra drain tubes.
  • Both covers being the product of Pace Edwards are almost equally durable having the same warranty policy.
  • Jackrabbit is easier to use because you don’t have to open the tailgate to operate your bed cover.
  • Jackrabbit is more secure due to its additional locking twist latch.
  • UltraGroove is slightly higher priced.