Roll n Lock A-Series vs M-Series

Both these Roll n Lock tonneau covers are retractable and are easily rolled into the associated canister when you need full-bed access. These covers come with a key-operated lock and also have an extrusion element for enhanced security.

A-series is a matte black, low-profile cover that takes the edge over its competitor for durability and strength. Its powder-coated surface not only safeguards from sun heat and UV rays but also provides the benefit of corrosion resistance.

M-series shows the outlook of a soft tarp cover but gives the safety of a hard cover. Its aluminum core with a thick vinyl covering makes it an exclusive mix of tonneau cover properties.

Besides that, ratchet-style lock and intermittent locking positions allow you to use partial and full bed space for hauling taller cargo.

As compared to M-series, the Roll n Lock A-series specifies a dual aluminum core and metallic powder coating which offers more durability and weather endurance but it also costs a higher amount. However, both truck accessories rank at the same level for drainage system, operation, and security mechanisms.

Side By Side Comparison:

Roll-N-Lock A-Series
Roll-N-Lock A-Series
Roll-N-Lock M-Series
Roll-N-Lock M-Series
MaterialAluminiumAluminium and Vinyl
ExteriorMatte powder coat finishVinyl Grain finish
Type of tonneau coverRetractableRetractable
SecurityTwisting ratchet-style lockTwisting ratchet-style lock
Warranty3 years3 years
Price$1799 – $1849$1,379.00 – $1,469.00

These truck bed covers have many design features in common including metallic core, operative rails, latch system, canister, and drainage system.

Both are retractable tonneau covers that can be rolled into the posterior canister if you want full access to your truck bed.

As these covers are mounted inside truck bed rails, they specify a low profile. It is available for a wide range of vehicles and tonneau sizes.

Their operation is based on Roll n Lock patented hinged system and torsion springs enclosed within a 3’’ inch aluminum casing are also employed, making retraction effortless and quick.

The tailgate locks of these covers are twisting ratchet locks operated with a key. Similarly, both are user-friendly as they have pull-straps to easily move and lock the cover at different positions.

Nonetheless, these covers show very different looks.

A series gives a multi-paneled hardcover outlook with a matte black finish due to the powder-coated surface layer over the tough aluminum panels.

M-series has an outer covering is of the thick vinyl polymer.

Hence, it provides both the toughness of a hard cover and the soft tarp look of a flexible cover.

FinishingMatte BlackLow gloss Vinyl
RetractionSpring torsionSpring torsion
CanisterUltra-slim (7 ¼ inch deep only)Ultra-slim (7 ¼ inch deep only)

Composition and Protection

A-series is relatively more robust than the contestant cover because its core is made up of dual aluminum slats.

Its surface layer is also formed by a powder coating of aluminum particles which makes it more resistant to UV light and blazing summer temperatures.

Likewise, this hard material shows more resistance to buckling and deformation from temperature changes.

Besides that, Roll n Lock has equipped this cover with an efficient water drainage system to get rid of any water that may get into the canister; two drainage tubes are present for this purpose.

Conversely, M-series score lesser points for toughness because its core is built from a single sheet of aluminum panels.

As a result, it shows lesser strength and durability.

Its surface is made from a thick vinyl layer that gives the benefits of a good look and reliable climate endurance.

However, vinyl covering is relatively less resilient than the metallic powder coating of the contestant, especially it is more prone to scratches and cuts.

Nonetheless, the water drainage system of this cover is identical to the competitor, employing one drain tube at both sides of the canister to smoothly channel out trickling water.

CoreDual-layer aluminum slatsAluminum panel sheet
Outer layerAluminum powder coatingThick vinyl covering
Drainage system2 Recessed drainage tubes2 Recessed drainage tubes


Due to similar design features and material composition, the performance of these truck bed covers resembles each other.

For example, both covers permit the same capacity allowance as both have 7 ¼ inch canisters and enable partial coverage at the half, 1/3rd, and 1/4th positions.

Also, their drainage system is identical, having two recessed drainage tubes that expel water from the canister.

Moreover, these covers score equal marks if you wish to put some luggage over the top of the closed cover.

This is because both covers specify 110 to 120lbs weight-bearing capacity.

Similarly, their locking profiles are the same, so, you get the same cargo security from both these products.

However, these covers do differ in some respects due to different outer coverings and aluminum layers. A-series is more robust; thus, it provides better safety from snow, UV rays, and solar heat due to its dual-layer aluminum core and powder-coated matte surface.

On the other side, M-series has a vinyl outer covering which makes it less resistant to heat and UV radiation.

Nevertheless, it does provide good safety from harsh rays and tough weather conditions.

Operating StyleAutomatic spring-controlled retractionAutomatic spring-controlled retraction
Remote PoweredNoNo
Weight-bearing capacity110 to 120 lbs110 to 120 lbs


These tonneau covers not only safeguard your truck bed and cargo from rain, snow, and dust but also from potential thefts. Both employ the same latch system specifying key-operated ratchet-style locks.

Operation is quite easy with this system, twist-open the lock to loosen the cover and it will automatically retract into the canister.

Along with completely covered and full-access positions, partial access to the truck bed is also possible with these bed covers.

You can lock the cover in three intermittent positions between the canister and tailgate edge.

 A feature that makes these covers stand tall among other options in the market is protruding extrusion, this component prevents tailgate opening when the cover is closed.

You would need to open the tonneau cover with its key to open the tailgate.

Hence, your cargo is completely secure and no one else can access it without your permission.

Latch systemRatchet-style lock (Key operated)Ratchet-style lock (Key operated)
Latch pointsThree intermittent points + tailgate latch pointThree intermittent points + tailgate latch point
Partial accessYesYes

Durability and Warranty

Both these covers are fairly durable as their metallic cores provide them strength and protective surface layers save them from climate-induced damage.

That is why Roll n Lock back both of these products with 3 years replacement warranty.

Nonetheless, we can say that A-series is more durable in comparison as its core is relatively sturdy due to dual aluminium slats. Plus, its metallic powder coating safeguards from UV and heat damage better than a flexible polymer layer.

M-series ranks at a comparatively lower position for longevity and damage resistance. Its core specifies lesser strength due to a single aluminium layer.

Besides that, outer vinyl covering is not only less resistive to UV and heat damage but also is more vulnerable to chips and cuts.

Quick Summary

  • Both these tonneau covers are retractable truck accessories.
  • Both are secured with ratchet-like locks.
  • Both are user-friendly with spring-controlled retraction, twisting locks, and pull straps for easy operations.
  • Partial bed access at three different positions is possible with these covers.
  • These Roll n Lock products also come with the same warranty.
  • Both specify Ultra-slim canisters with recessed drainage tubes.
  •  Both these covers can be mounted with the Clamp-on Installation procedure with minimal drilling.


  • Shows more resistance to heat, UV rays, and scratches.
  • Is more durable in comparison due to dual-aluminium core.


  • Gives a relatively cleaner Vinyl gloss look.
  • Comes for a minor price than the competitor.