BakFlip FiberMaX vs Lomax Stance

When it comes to trifolds, they may all seem same, but they all have some unique features when you take a closer look at them.

Here the famous BAKflip FiberMax, as its name suggests, is focusing on its Fiber coating, which really helps your cover to last longer while protecting it from various elements.

On the other side, we have the “LO”Max Stance cover, and I have to say, I haven’t seen any cover more “Low” profiled than this one.

Let’s check out both of these, starting from their designs.


Lomax Stance barely sits above the bed and is comparatively thinner here, giving your truck a more flushed appearance.

The cover comes in 2 different outer layer finishing. One being the Utherane Black and other the Diamond Mist Black. And out of the two, the later, Diamond Mist, may cost you a few hundred bucks more, but they are totally worth it as it provides your cover with more life and durability.

The cover is all aluminum alloy (of aircraft grade construction material), and you can see the thin aluminum sheet from underneath.

Note: The cover feels very flimsy, as they are very thin, but they still are durable.

The cover offers you with classic cable latches (under panels) and their quality is really impressive (they are made out of nylon).

The cover can be secured in both positions (2/3rd and 3rd) and you can drive around with it. But instead of using prop rods these covers use anchor points (which you install on top of your truck).

So you don’t see rods sticking out of your truck and propping these covers and instead they look more minimalist with this unique design feature.

This cover does not come with any sorts of draining tubes which is Pro as well (on some trucks) as you don’t have to drill holes in your truck, but then again they do provide you with better efficacy when it comes to water leakage.

But the cover still protects you against weather with its weather tight seals and vinyl coated hinges with continuous end seals which really shows you a premium quality.

And speaking of quality the Rigidlink locking system (which offers you with 10 automatic locking points) is very sturdy. These locks combined with molded storage brackets are very useful for full and partial bed access.

On the other side, the BAKflip Fibermax, is also not too far off in terms of design. These covers also sit low enough and look great on any truck.

It’s their top of the line product, so you can expect good quality here as well.

The cover is made out of high grade aluminum (alloy) and of course it has the fiberglass polymer coating (FRP).

This coating gives this cover a textured black finish making it sturdy and rustproof for years.

The cover also comes with EPDM rubber seals and drain tubes (which you may have to install by drilling).

And the cover offers the same cable latches for operation (although the quality is better on Lomax).

On 2nd last position there are buckle straps instead of elastic band in the other cover. And on the last position/fully opened cover, you have prop rods that keep the panels in their place (where in Lomax you have to hook them in on top of the truck (where you install/stick magnetic clips).

Both covers provide you with automatic latching locks (which are more sturdy on Lomax).

And both covers offer you with dual tail gate action latches, where you can close you cover despite the position of your tail gate (open/closed).

Both covers also have rubber shoes/bumpers underneath the panels, so they don’t rub against each other.

But with such high price for both, they sure don’t provide you with some extra features, like the cushioning underneath and LED lights (preinstalled) like seen in some tonneau covers (Undercover Ultra Flex for example).

Durability and Protection:

In case of Lomax Stance, although company gave a weight rating of 400 lbs for it, comparatively, they feel a bit flimsy, and that’s because these panels are too thin.

And sure it really gives out a flushed design but the cover is very susceptible to dents.

The cover also does not provide you with any drainage system with drain tubes and out of the two this cover would be more prone to leakage.

And it mostly leaks from lateral seals between the panels and the one against the tail gate.

But expect no cover to be fully waterproof. So Fibermax also leaks (but still less in comparison).

Other than this, the cover can be fully opened but its safe not to rest any heavy cargo against the panels as I am not too sure about their hook system (on top of the truck). But they do have safety clips in case anything fails.

Other than this, the cover provides you with a strong locking, having 10 point RigidLink locking system.

The nylon built automatic latches speaks volumes of quality and they are more sturdier when compared to Fibermax.

Fibermax is also a very durable cover having the same 400 lbs weight bearing limit.

The cover has strong aluminum panels and FRP which protects it against scratches, UV and heat.

In comparison, the cover provides better protection against scratches and dent, while the Diamond mist coating on Lomax provides you with better UV resistance (so things stay cooler underneath).

Other than this both covers are great. Both have dual tailgate sealing so you can close the cover on an open tail gate.

Working / Performance:

Both these covers can be smoothly folded towards or against the cab without any hindrance.

In order to open the cover, each cover has automated dual locking cords on either sides and pull the cords and start folding the covers to open them.

Both covers with their multi-fold tailgate sealing also allow you to shut the cover, regardless the tailgate is open or closed.

Also, both tonneau allows you to secure the panels in 2 positions, 2/3rd and last.

On 2/3rd, the Fibermax offers you buckle straps while the Lomax has elastic bands (which are more sturdier than buckle straps).

And these elastic bands/clips are actually very sturdy than they look as they are screwed in the aluminum.

For full bed access, Lomax Stance is equipped with rigid links which you have to get installed on the top of the truck.

Instead of typical prop rods (you see in Bakflip FiberMax ), it has brackets that attach to the clips (that have to installed on the top of the truck first),

You just stick it on, and don’t need to drill in to the roof. There’s also a magnet in there.

These secures your panels vertically at approximately 90° and prevents them to make contact with the truck’s rear window.

Note: It is recommended to keep a 1 inch gap between the cabin and the cover when fully opened, so keep that in mind during installation. Also again, no drill setup.

Whats the Verdict?

Both of these covers are a great pick. But Lomax with its ultra thin design sits more flushed and provides you same amount of durability as the FiberMax.

The special coating on the cover also gives it a longer life and more resistance against UV rays, compared to FiberMAX.

So if I have to buy out of these two, I’ll go with Lomax.

But then again, I would buy Bakflip (again) mostly because of their customer service.