Truxedo Lo Pro VS Gator SRX

Truxedo Lo Pro stands out with its unique sleek, smooth appearance and sits ¾” above the truck bed. The use of heavy-duty anodized aluminum and industrial-grade vinyl ensures the graceful flat look of your truck bed.

While on the flip side, Gator SRX is made of commercial-grade vinyl, which also rests ¾’’ above the bed. It has a slightly textured grain finish, naturally complementing your truck. It provides three crossbars to sustain the cover and give it a classy, balanced look. 

Protection Comparison

Lo pro on truck

Lo Pro provides you with a hook and loop feature with rubber seals that protect your cargo from being wet and prevent dust particles from entering the truck bed.

The Automatic Tension Control assures you to drive fearlessly even in extreme weather conditions. Its patented design keeps your cover tight and stable to secure your cargo from unwanted things as well as to maintain the classy profile of your truck bed.

TruXedo Lo Pro

Lo Pro ensures the use of the best UV-protected fabric and doesn’t fade under the scorching sun. Also, it comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum structure that can bear a heavy snow load without damaging your goods. 

Gator SRX

Contrarily, SRX offers you a flexible Tension Control feature to keep your cover closed to guard it against unpredictable weather conditions.

Since your truck bed cover is accurately connected with the rails, you don’t need to stress about leakage or dribbling of water. The use of top-quality vinyl in fabric making, ensures that it is UV resistant and doesn’t fade in blazing hot weather. 

Lo Pro is more progressive in terms of protection and safety than its competitor. Its patented design assures keeping the cover tight.

It guards your cargo against unfavorable weather conditions, while SRX only provides a Tension Control feature to ensure the safety of goods against cold wind chills or rain. 

Durability Comparison

Truxedo Lo Pro
Truxedo Lo Pro

Lo Pro never fails to satisfy you with its high-quality material, experimented with in severe weather circumstances. It can comfortably hold up to 350 pounds of weight at once, making it viable for consumers to carry their bulky goods without facing any inconvenience.

Its enduring fabric will not shrink in freezing temperatures and its Patented Automatic Tension Control system keeps the cover sealed at -40 degrees below or 120 degrees above.

The floating Velcro hook attached to the side rails keeps your exterior packed throughout the journey.

Gator SRX

On the other hand, SRX provides excellent quality fabric that lasts longer and can bear the harshest weather elements that nature has to offer. It can support 300 pounds of weight altogether, making it feasible to accept heavy loads. 

SRX is less durable than Lo Pro because Lo Pro is more capable of providing advanced features to make cover more durable and long-lasting. However, SRX can support more weight, making it more manageable to haul bulky goods.

Ease of Use

Truxedo Lo Pro
Truxedo Lo Pro

Lo Pro comes with a painless installation process that requires no elite tools or any drilling function. Its installation method is pretty easy, which takes less than 30 minutes to complete if given instructions are appropriately followed.

Its anodized single trigger latch attached on the driver’s side rail needs only one finger to operate it. An incredible Quick Release System lets the whole cover be removed in a couple of minutes, providing full bed access.

To close the cover, liberate both safety straps and roll the cover to latch it and secure your cargo from harmful elements.

Similarly, SRX assures you to deliver a trouble-free installation process with no premium tools required and can be done solo. It makes sure to take maximum an hour to complete the entire installation procedure.

To install the cover, merely attach rails on either side and then accurately attach the cover with the rails and you are pretty much good to go. The trigger latch connected takes only a single hand to operate.

To avail full bed access, just release the trigger latch and roll up the cover to store large loads. Do not forget to pull the safety straps to ensure a safe drive. 

Both covers guarantee a worry-free installation process that makes it accessible for one person to install the cover. However, Lo Pro estimates to complete the installation in less than 30 minutes, while SRX takes around an hour, to fit the cover accurately. 

Security Comparison

Lo Pro provides you with high-level security by offering a four-way sealing system to keep your belongings protected from unwanted hands.

The rear latching system allows keeping the cover lock, until the tailgate is locked, assuring that your goods remain undamaged.

It utilizes double-coated vinyl to ensure the high quality of fabric and makes it unimaginable for thieves to cut or tear the cover to rob your stuff. The tailgate lock provides maximum security to guard your goods against evil eyes. 

Likewise, SRX satisfies you with its high-security standards. The tailgate lock firmly holds the latches and doesn’t allow it to unclose until its lock is opened.

It assures you not to fear any tearing or ripping of cover by thieves as this cover delivers you an excellent quality fabric with an unbreakable hardtop. 

Lo Pro has more security features than SRX, which makes it worth buying as security is always the priority for anyone.  


  • Lo Pro comes with a ¾” body made with anodized aluminum and industrial-grade vinyl to ensure glossy looks. SRX also has a ¾” frame with a slightly textured grain finish, delivering a sleek and smooth look to your cover.
  • Both truck bed covers offer the automatic Tension Control feature to keep the cover sealed in any weather. The fabric used is UV resistant which protects the cover from fading even in extreme weather conditions.
  • SRX is more efficient in supporting weight as it can bear up to 300 pounds at once, while Lo Pro can only carry 250 pounds.
  • Lo Pro can save time by taking less than 30 minutes to install the cover, whereas SRX can roughly take an hour to complete the installation.
  • Lo Pro is developed to offer advanced security features to guard your cargo against evildoers, while SRX comes with limited security options.
  • Lo Pro is costly than SRX yet is more efficient in all aspects. SRX comes at an affordable price but with less advanced features. 
  • Both covers can survive longer if used in moderate climatic conditions.