TruXedo Sentry vs Bak revolver X2

The TruXedo Sentry incorporates advanced manufacturing, leather-grain vinyl covering. The robustness of aluminium slats is combined with the mobility of high-quality smooth fabric in this dual roll-up top.

When the lid is closed, the cloth has been chemically bonded to the metallic panels to provide a rinse profile.

On the other hand, Revolver X2 works as a hard aluminium cover, covering the maximum space, and is quite user-friendly in the long run.

It has a matte black appearance that complements the sophisticated appearance of your truck bed. Industrial-grade vinyl and aluminium slats make up the cover and since it features a. hybrid design, it is extremely sturdy and long-lasting

Protection comparison

Truxedo Sentry outperforms traditional materials by incorporating leather grain texture for maximum waterproofing. Truxedo would be excellent for customers who desire tonneau covers primarily for luggage protection from the natural elements. The leather grain material not only protects against winter weather but also protects against UV radiation.

Revolver X2 is often the first pick for anyone looking for high protection. The lock’s jaw is fixed to the securing blocks and offers moisture protection for the truck bed. There is no Velcro on this cover, and the lock at the tailgate is merely made of metal teeth. As a result, there is no room for protection compromise. Furthermore, there are strong buckles that keep the cover in place when wrapped, which are especially helpful in windy conditions.

Durability comparison

The Truxedo material is of professional quality and can easily support 400 pounds of pressure. This cover is made of leather quality fabric, which is highly durable. It features leather-grain vinyl covering and the robustness of aluminium slats is combined with the mobility of high-quality smooth fabric. This material is thick and does not flake when driving.

The body of the Revolver x2 is made of embossed vinyl with a leather appearance. This arrangement works in conjunction with EPDM rubber exterior shields to keep the gear safe from the natural elements. The textural Industrial-grade vinyl is also framed on strong aluminium boards and can support up to 400 pounds.

Ease of use

The slam lock and quick release technologies are used by Truxedo for ease of use. The latches are well-functioning and can be opened from the side of the cargo area, resulting in maximum convenience and minimal effort. It doesn’t stop there; the quick-release technology allows customers to detach the top in moments without using any equipment. It ensures that you have complete access anytime you need it. It offers a no-drill setup, which eliminates the need for complicated tools or components. The cover is easy to affix to the edges of the truck bed but does not obstruct the anchor pocket holes. It has a protective covering that stays on during the setup process. Customers don’t have to scrape or puncture their truck bed because of the no drilling function.

In the case of Revolver X2, clamps are used to secure the coverings in place. As this implies, you won’t need any expert abilities or qualified staff to put it together. When you’re loading or unloading cargo, you’ll consider it simple to wrap the covering up and secure it to the truck. Furthermore, this cover allows you to access the truck bed from both sides. The one and the only distinction is that it includes rotating sealing which enables users to access the truck bed from the back. It comes with clips and a no-drill setup. These fasteners are incredibly simple to install on the truck’s securing rails. Customers do not have to do anything; all they need is a screwdriver, a spanner, and a manual to complete the implementation. This truck bed covering takes about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble.

Security comparison

 Truxedo excels in security because of its double latch system, which connects toward either edge of the flatbeds and secures the entire luggage space. Furthermore, the cloth latches at the tailgate protects the truck bed from thieves.

Although both maintain your cargo safe and protected, the Revolver X2 construction appears to be a bit more impactful than the competitors in the market. It’s because its rotating locking technique is more secure than the additional latching on the other cover.

Cost comparison

The overall comparison then leaves you with the cost analysis. Though both covers compete in the market as leaders, Revolver X2 takes a bit pricy side. Some users find Truxedo as an optimal choice basing it off its pricing factor. Like most products in the Bak portfolio, this one as well is priced around 800$, while you can get your hands on Truxedo at half the price. Sentry covers are good with weather protection, but Bak takes the bait with other qualitative features.


Either of these tonneau coverings has the same manufacturer’s warranty and are priced distinctively. As a result, determining which model is superior to the other is difficult.

  • TruXedo and X2 are both hard roll-up type tonneau covers.
  • Truxedo outperforms traditional materials by incorporating leather grain texture for maximum waterproofing.
  • In durability comparison, X2 excels because of its stronger aluminium build.
  • To ease feasibility the slam lock and quick release technologies are used by Truxedo.
  • The rotating locking technique makes the Revolver X2 more secure.
  • Lastly, Truxedo is lower priced.