BAKflip MX4 vs BAKflip G2

MX4 tonneau bed cover is assembled with durable aluminum panels along with a black powder mate finishing coating that provides protection against dents and scratches, the pitch-black powder layer present over the cover provide a sleek, polished, and finalized look with a shield against UV light. 

On the other hand,

G2 is drafted with EPDM rubber trim that helps out in increasing its shelf life.

This tonneau cover is glazed with tough film aluminum that boasts and improves its complete strength.

The bed panels supply dark scratch and UV ray resistance.

Stick till the end to know complete features offered by both products.

Protection Comparison:

BAKflip MX4
BAKflip MX4

The Bakflip MX4 has EPDM rubber seals and an enhanced prop rod clip that provides high water resistance and prevents water invasion. The EPDM seal makes a barrier against rain, snow, and ice to allow resistance between the rail and the truck bed. The most important feature provided by this tonneau cover that makes it different from any other cover is its dedicated drain tubes, which enhance its resistance against harsh weathers. The panel also provides great resistance against changing temperature conditions and does not react to heat. The pitch-black powder mate aluminum finish coating delivers protection against UV light so the bed won’t fracture or fade with the progression of time and will last longer.

BAKflip g2

G2 also has EPDM seals that give rain, snow, and ice resistance and also stop water invasion but in comparison, MX4 performance in different weather situations is slightly better. The G2 has durable hard panels with an aluminum skin that provides great resistance against UV rays. The panel does not react with heat or temperature quickly but in long term, they start to shrink or expand due to weather conditions. G2 has rubber hinges that do not allow water to pass into the truck bed.

Durability Comparison:

BAKflip MX4
BAKflip MX4

The MX4 tonneau bed covers are assembled with aluminum panels with a pitch-black grain matte finishing layer that provides considerable durability and a decent finishing with rigidity against dent, any kind of impact, and weather situation. The sleek design also enhances mileage potential as it weighs less comparatively. Strong aluminum panels can hold up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

BAKflip g2 cover

Instead, G2 is also manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminum with durable strong panels increasing its ability against different weather conditions and other damages. These compact core and long-lasting panels can hold up to 300lbs of evenly dispersed weight.

Ease To Use:

BAKflip g2 cover open

Both of them do not require drilling to fit or to be removed, as both are easy to fit and remove, but in the case of G2, all that is required is a wrench and a socket, allowing for safe fitting. It can also be removed easily, even in less than 45 minutes. The panels immediately latch to the rails, when shut, tug the strings to open up, as you want to unlock the cover.

BAKflip MX4

On the other hand, MX4 tonneau cover has a great feature, a multi-functional tailgate seal that allows you to shut and open the tailgate whether the bed cover is open or closed. The working mechanism to open or close is to pull the string latch and then fold the cover towards the rear window or truck cab to access your tools and when you want to close, just fold backward and the panel will automatically latch to the tailgate without much effort. The installation time is less than 30 min. The trifold design provides you the maximum degree of folds giving you full truck bed access in a matter of seconds. Weight of MX4 cover is about 71 lbs which is similar to its challenger and does not put any pressure on the vehicle.

Security Comparison:

As one wants to secure their cargo from thieves and jerks they need reliable protection. Both of them work fine in concern of security. Speaking of G2, long-lasting aluminum folding cover gives high security providing you confidence while you are far away from your truck, by simply locking your tailgate. G2 provides a great concealing appearance as you lock the tailgate plus it can operate independently without hindering any part of the vehicle.

At the same time, MX4 has durable aluminum folding beds that offer a secure fit to the tailgate providing you with great security, while you are far away from your truck with the cover shut and tailgate secure. Also, the hard and tough cover panel with an immediately slam latching couple system provides extra security, while you are away.


  • MX4 is constructed with premium matte finishing aluminum panels while G2 is built with aluminum skin.
  • Both tonneau covers provide complete bed excess.
  • MX4 has a multi-functional tailgate seal.
  • In concern with the safety MX4 has little security bypass issue because of dual-function access.
  • Water dispatching of MX4 is slightly better in comparison as it uses EPDM seals and drains tubes that provides great resistance against rain, snow, and ice.
  • In case of weight, MX4 can hold up to 400 pounds evenly distributed weight while G2 can hold only up to 300 pounds.
  • Both of them can be installed or removed easily without drilling.
  • G2 provides a 3-year warranty while MX4 provides a 5-year warranty.
  • MX4 is more costly than G2.