Extang Encore vs Extang Solid Fold

Tonneau Covers are a great investment especially when it comes to these two. Besides being aerodynamic (which saves you a lot fuel money), these covers ensure you a great deal of security and protection.

Here both covers may look very similar, but here the Encore provides you with a little more fancier features. But both of them are very strong thanks to their 1 inch thick panels.

Let’s check out both of these bad boys.

Let’s check out their designs:

Although, looks are subjective, I’m a fan of these 1 inch thick covers. They give your truck a tank(y) look. (But I can understand why some like the low profile design, and speaking of just “low profiled” looks, FYI, the best cover in my opinion is Lomax Stance… you can search it out through my site).

But with such bulkier design, you probably won’t find any other cover like these two Extang’s guys.

The Solid Fold is now been update with the Extang Solid Fold (2.0). And now both covers features a very similar design.

Both of them come with a matte black finish which match the OEM bed and tail gate caps, so they look as part of your truck and not an “accessory” you installed.

And although its contoured, bulky design may make them seem heavier, they are not at all.

Both covers weight under 60 lbs (when packed in a box).

And their being light weight really helps them in installing them. And these covers probably get installed the fastest (in literally under 5 minutes).

And can be removed easily as well.

Both covers are made out of polypropylene core which takes up most of the thickness of these panels, the rest is aluminum and the top coating.

Basically, they have a inner construction of thick polypropylene material core which is then covered with thermo plastic automotive grade layer. And together they get 1 inch thick.

So these covers may not be as flushed as the other cover here but as you’ll see in the durability section below, they do not compromise on durability at all.

Note: These panels are surely a whole inch thick, but they only stick half an inch above the bed.

Other than this, its panels are also caged with aluminum frames which are equipped with hinged caps, rubber corners, snap-on seals and, EPDM multiple lip seals (for the best weather protection).

So what makes them different here?

Encore Extang provides you better accessibility. As their unique design allows you to open the cover from both sides.

To open the cover from front side, there is a rotatory lock and key mechanism (on the drivers side). So you simply unlock it and access the cover from the front side.

Where the backside of the cover can only be opened up if you open the tail gate first.

Both covers can be accessed simultaneously as well. And the lock (facing upwards) is properly covered so no water can get in.

Protection & Durability of both:

Both these covers are professionally engineered with organic materials that is able to withstand all sorts of natural damages.

And since both of these covers are made of same thermo-plastic automotive grade compound, they both almost weigh the same and have the same weight bearing capacity of 600 lbs.

(But 600 lbs, is amazing, given how light weight they are. Most top end covers only provide you with up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight).

So durability wise, they both are gold. Their 3 aluminum coated panels have EnduraShield construction as they call it (which is just a fancy way to say “they are made out of polypropylene core”) but it helps the cover a lot against cuts/dents/dings and so on.

It also provides you with good heat resistance as well. Don’t want to be a nerd, but their organic molecular structure has a lot of gaps in them and heat takes more time to transfer from one particle to another.

So your stuff remains cooler.

And yes, worth reminding, the cover layer also protects from the UV rays, so these covers last a long time without fading.

Similarly, in terms of protection, both of these guys can put up to a great deal with their strong fiber glass reinforced texture.

It’s panels are also further reinforced with rubber closets and high caps which join with the snap on seals (acting as a barrier against water leakage).

And to prevent accumulation of water on the side rails the drain hoses are installed at the front end, that efficiently evacuates water.

But both covers don’t have the EPDM rubber and drain tubes (which is a pro and a con as well). Pro, as in, you don’t have to drill any holes for the tubes, and con, well, it provides you with less water resistance compared to other covers which have them.

But the difference is very low, and no cover is 100% waterproof. (If you find any, contact me).

So it better avoid altogether of putting any cargo that may get damaged with water or rain, no matter what cover you run.

Still if we compare both of them, the Solid Fold 2.0 provides you with a little more water resistance as it’s multiple lip sealing is more effective. And since its front side can’t be opened, it much more secured in terms of weather protection.

Performance/ Working:

Both of them have pretty much the same working methods (expect that the Encore can also be opened from the front end as well).

Both covers are very easy to install. These covers are maybe some sort of record holders in terms of installation. They claim that you can install these covers under 2 minutes. (But it took me 5, as I wasn’t trying to beat any record). But yes, they are the fastest I’ve seen yet.

Its installation is also drilling-free, you just need to fix the clamps below the side rails in such a way that the mid panel remains unfixed.

It offers self-locking pins which efficiently fix the cover at each fold. It can be easily detached by folding the front and the rear panel over the mid panel.

Both of them are also very light weight. So although you burn less calories, they are good for your back.

The mid panel is detachable and can be removed effortlessly.

Moreover, it offers a bolt breakthrough key lock above the front panel and a pin lock at the bottom of the posterior panel.

If you want to uncover the rear panel you have to open the tailgate first, whereas the front panel (in case of Extang’s Encore) can be latched or unlatched by using a key lock.

For full bed access, all three panels can be piled together in the middle and can be removed (both of them).

Both of these covers also have a dual action cover and you can open and close your cover despite the position of you tail gate.

So Whats the verdict?

Both of these covers are a great pick. Their working and durability is just amazing.

But still if we have to differentiate between these two, the Encore Solid Fold is a bit cheaper but does not provide you with features like opening the gate from both sides.

But this is also beneficial for it as it less vulnerable to water leakage.

Other than this both covers are same.