Bakflip G2 vs F1

Bakflip G2 and F1 both are hard folding tonneau covers composed of industrial-strength aluminum. Both can be installed without drilling or grooving. However, they can’t be powered by a remote.

G2 is a hard tri-fold truck bed cover composed of aircraft-grade aluminum. Its powder-coated panels improve its durability and EPDM rubber seals protect it from harsh weather conditions. Its built-in drainage system keeps it dry all around the year. Moreover, it is quite easy to operate and gives you full bed access. Furthermore, its weight rating is limited to 300 lbs.

F1 is a strong tri-fold tonneau cover composed of high-grade aluminum. It is further coated with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) and textured black powder which grants its excellent strength and stability. It also has a water drainage system which efficiently drains away the water. It is also quite easy to operate and gives you 100% bed access. Furthermore, its weight-bearing capacity is up to 400 lbs.

In comparison with its counterpart, F1 is always superior with its stronger composition and higher weight rating. Moreover, its outlook is more attractive and it offers a longer warranty duration. All these features result in its higher price.

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Quick Comparison Table

Operating StyleFoldingFolding
SecurityTailgate lockTailgate lock
Remote PoweringNoNo
Weight Rating300 lbs400 lbs
Bed Access100%100%
Price  880 – 1050$1050 – 1190$


Both tonneau covers are installed identically in the same way as follows:

  1. Fix the side rails along the sides of the truck bed with the help of clamps.
  2. Install the drain tube just behind the bed cap at the passenger’s side.
  3. Attach the bulkhead seal on the bed cap.
  4. Install the clip receiver on the header panel of your cover by using screws.
  5. Fix the header panel with the bed cap and the side rails by using bolts which pass through the provided holes on the rails.
  6. Nut tighten the bolts after adding the washers.
  7. Unfold your tonneau cover towards the tailgate where it automatically locks with a slight thrust.

Both products can be installed effortlessly without drilling or piercing. It takes about 20-30 minutes for the installation of both


G2 features a stylish low-profile appearance with handily foldable three aluminum panels. These panels are gloss-black or matte-blsvk powder coated which awards it an attractive lustrous outlook. Moreover, these panels does not block the 3rd brake light visibility when supported by the strut rods behind the rear window. Moreover, it is available in only one color and three sizes. However, the weight of its standard size is equal to its counterpart.

F1 is mounted flush with your truck bed to give it a solid-core low-profile outlook. It also has three durable aluminum panels coated with FRP and textured-black powder to grant it an impressive and durable design. It also makes 3rd brake light visible when secured upright with prop rods. Just like its competitor, it is usually black coloured and offers three different sizes.

Physical PropertiesG2F1
Available Sizes5’7”, 6’7”, 8’2”5’7”, 6’7”,8’
Compared Size6’7”6’7”
Available ColoursBlackBlack
Dimensions (L x W x H)79” × 23”x 9”79” x 23” 8”
Weight (lbs)7171

As compared to its peer, has a better outlook. Its FRP panels coated with textured-black powder gives it a better  appearance and enhances its design.


G1 is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum panels finished with gloss-black or matte-black coating. Its gloss-black powder coated panels are UV resistant which protects it from harsh weather conditions. Its exterior may be painted, polished or chromed. Moreover, it has EPDM rubber seals which provide maximum waterproofing and keeps your bed dry. Its built-in drainage system also aids in directing the water out of your truck bed.

F1 is also composed of high strength aluminum panels and  fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) which is heat resistant and keeps the panels cool in hot conditions. FRP also grants this cover dent and scrap resistance. This cover is finished with gloss-black powder which promotes its resistance to UV radiation. Its exterior may also be painted, polished or chromed. Moreover, it also offers EPDM rubber seals and a highly efficient water drainage system which keeps the water out of your truck bed.

MaterialAluminumAluminum and FRP
FinishingGloss-Black / Matte-BlackGloss-Black  
ExteriorPainted/ Polished/ ChromedPainted/ Polished/ Chromed

Both products are composed of aircraft-grade aluminum but the addition of FRP in F1 awards it a better composition as compared to its counterpart.


G1 is a tri-fold tonneau cover having three foldable panels. There is a string latch beneath each panel which is to be pulled to fold it, allowing partial bed access. It also allows full bed access by folding all three panels and securing them in an upright position along with the rear window by strut rods. When the panels are folded against the cab the string latches spontaneously engage with the rails. It lacks remote powering and key-latching systems. Moreover, its drain tube is highly efficient in draining the water out of your truck bed.

F1 is also a tri-fold tonneau cover having three foldable panels. These panels also have a latching cable beneath them which is to be pulled to unfold them towards the cab. It also has prop rods which secure all three folded panels in an upright position to allow total bed access. Its string latches also connect with the rails when folded towards the tailgate. It lacks remote controlling and key-latching mechanisms. Its drain tube is also efficient in draining the water out of your truck bed.

Operating StyleFoldingFolding
Folds OfferedTri-foldTri-fold
Remote PoweringNoNo
Panel LatchingString latchString latch

Both tonneau covers are operated in the same way and are equally good in their performance.


Featuring sturdy aluminum composition both tonneau covers couldn’t be easily cracked but they lack key-locking mechanisms which make them slightly insecure. However, the tailgate lock compensates for their security issues. Once your cover is closed and the tailgate is locked your luggage is secured to some extent.


Backflip offers reasonable warranty policies with its tonneau covers. Warranty spans of both comparable products are sufficient to claim their reliability. G2 comes with a warranty duration of 3-years whereas F1’s warranty period is extended to 5-years.


G2 is cheaper compared to its contestant. Its price is from 880 to 1050 dollars. Whereas, F1’s cost is slightly higher due to its tougher composition, a better outlook and longer warranty span. Its price ranges from 1050 to 1190 dollars.

Quick Summary

  • Both are tri-fold tonneau covers.
  • Both are installed easily in the same way.
  • F1 has a more attractive outlook due to its textured-black powder coating.
  • F1 has a stronger texture due to its FRP construction.
  • Both are equally good in their performance.
  • F1 has a higher weight rating.
  • F1 offers a longer warranty span.  
  • F1 is expensive compared to its peer.